Thursday Door

My entry in Norm’s Thursday Door Challenge .

I was walking in a forgotten little part of the city when I saw this door . It’s forgotten only in the sense , as they say , of hiding in plain sight . It’s across the highway from the river , where the tour boats leave from and the river cruisers full of Germans arrive and dock . There are busy restaurants along the river bank there . Up the street a few hundred yards is a huge fountain and crowds of tourists snapping photos . Brides-and-grooms pose for professional wedding shots on the massive steps there and tour guides give lectures at the top of the steps to groups that have temporarily abandoned their busses .

This door is just off the tourist route , just down the hill from the Polish Theater building , a little too far away from the tourist traffic to be noticed . And so , as you see , the vandalism . No one repaints . A sad door , therefore . Neglected and forlorn . One of the simple , sad , abused survivors in the universe .

door xxx


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9 responses to “Thursday Door

  1. You and San Antion are in competition with your doors today, eh? Almost as though you two got coordinated!

  2. What a shame Dan. That is a beautiful door, a work of real craftsmanship. I hope that the area improves at some point do they can be cleaned.

  3. Sad about the graffiti because that is a nice raised panel door, I really like the design 😦

  4. Can’t say I prefer it with the graffiti. That door’s a real beauty. Great find!

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