Hubbard and Goose

The Dame made a curtsey ,

The dog made a bow ,

The Dame said  : Your servant “,

the dog said ” Bow  wow “.

—–Old Mother Hubbard

I was figuring out the world today . I’m not quite there yet , I’m on the cusp  , but it’s coming . I can feel it . Revelation ? Enlightenment ? I’m not sure what’s it’s called . I think that I almost know what it’s all about .

Old Mother Hubbard and her dogYou may be surprised . I’ll warn you first .

I maybe should publish this knowledge in several installments . I considered putting it out in Facebook posts . Twitters  I do not  do , and I think they’d be too short , anyway . This is meaty stuff and will require some serious space dedication  somewhere .

I considered publishing a book on the topic , but books are almost a thing of the past , anyway . Yeah , of course , an e-book might do , but who reads e-books ?  Who reads ?

I determined , after all , that short , to-the-point Facebook posts would do the job . I would , of course , as is standard practice , include a provocative headline which may or may not have anything to do with the content of the post . People would see the headline and react .

Well , I don’t intend to shock the world with this so-far-unannounced stuff . About Mother Hubbard and Mother Goose . It has to come out , though . As John Lee Hooker said in a song : ” I heard Mama tell papa : It’s in him and it gotta come out “. Sometimes you gotta like it or lump it .We can’t molly-coddle the populace forever . .

And , this is not right wing or left wing, by the way ; it’s  not partisan or non-partisan  . I’d say it’s the TRUTH , but that would be incendiary language . I , therefore, won’t say that . I won’t call you an evil idiot if you won’t accept my TRUTH . I won’t use several of the more incendiary , condescending, and insulting  words I see in Facebook posts . You see, I am not trying to convince you of anything or to reinforce my own beliefs  . The TRUTH is , simply , the TRUTH . There is no further promotion , explanation , or justification necessary .

She went to the baker’s 

To buy him some bread ,

But when she came back

The poor dog was dead . 

It all has to do with Mother Goose , you see. I think I’ll leave you with just that much of the TRUTH for today : Mother Goose and Mother Hubbard .

She went to the joiner’s 

To buy him a coffin ,

But when she came back,

The poor dog was laughing . 

Coincidence ? Nonsense !

Try this one on for size :

She went to the hatter’s

To buy him a hat ,

But when she came back 

He was feeding the cat .

None of this has been reported by major media outlets anywhere in this country . Coincidence ? Nonsense !  Even more telling is the fact that NO bloggers have posted this information either . Think about that for a minute . Nix , nada , none .  Yes , now you begin to see , I think .

Look around at what is happening in the world . Why , then , in view of all of that , have both Mother Hubbard and Mother Goose been effectively shut out ?  Why indeed .

Now you will begin to see the TRUTH , I think . Need more evidence ? Read this :


She went to the joiner’s 

To buy him a coffin ,

But when she came back 

The poor dog was laughing .czech dolls
Ah , then !  Need I say more ? I think not , but okay, here   :

She went to the fruitier’s

To buy him some fruit ,

But when she came back 

He was playing the flute . 

Got it ? Ah !



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8 responses to “Hubbard and Goose

  1. Yes, you are unique, Dan!!! O_o

  2. And I thought it all had to do with quantum physics and stuff like that. As Watson said to Holmes: “…I had no idea that such individuals did exist out of stories.”

  3. Ah, yes. I begin to understand your truth. Which, of course is THE truth. It’s all about the incendiary nature of the dog who refused to jump into the coffin his gracious matron provided him, that non-act being one of extreme rudeness to the Hubbard who loved him enough to take the long walk to visit the fruiter, in spite of the arthritic limits imposed upon her by way of her advanced age. This truth regarding the nature of a dog’s attitude toward old people like me leaves me sad, which I’m sure was not your intention. Au contraire, I remember you as a philosopher on par with Plato and his noble dog Pluto. Therefore, I’ll await further news of your revelation, which I trust will brighten my mood.

  4. Truth is stranger than fiction, Dan. I think the news media has missed an opportunity for some sensational coverage. 🙂

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