Someone lived in a cupboard . Go look in the cupboard . Cupboard , cupboard , cupboard .——unknown

Hey , Diddle ,Diddle ,

the cat in the fiddle ,

the cow jumped over the moon .CLOTH

Due to previous posts , I have people waiting for the TRUTH  .I mentioned Mother Hubbard , and I may have left the impression that I promised my readers the TRUTH .  I feel a bit like Pontius Pilate now ,you know , when he said : What is truth !  Wasn’t it Pilate who said that ?  Pilate the government man .

Some  think that they know it already — or almost . They’ve been reminded by me of Old Mother Hubbard  and her odd dog . I mentioned , but said not much about , Mother Goose , too . It all sounds eerily familiar , eh ? Maybe not . Hang on , it’ll all be revealed soon.

I didn’t mention that there is no Mother Goose — never was . She’s a myth . Yeah , made up out of whole cloth once upon a time . Maybe you should sit down for a minute and catch your breath . Your decision . MAP civil war

I once taught at a school called Mother of Good Counsel . Good name for a school , I think  . The nickname for the place was Mother Goose .

My history students one year at that school each had formed one of the  states of the Union out of dough and I was baking them in the school oven — just enough to harden them . Very low temperature . Very low .

The fire department arrived when the smoke began to billow and someone opened a window or two and black smoke filled the sky . It seems New York decided to burn and smoke  a bit . A lot .Someone had left paper on the bottom of the dough ( Max ? ) and someone else hadn’t checked for paper ( Me ? ) .  There were never any flames , as far as I know , but the smoke was tremendous . Fire departments don’t mess around with school fires , and they arrived in force .

Was I a little embarrassed ? Maybe a little , since it was my project . I was the one to blame .  I  blamed it all on New York , of course , though .  New York never did like LA .London Trading Card

Principal was sitting next to me when the fire department arrived . We had been listening to the sirens for awhile beforehand , wondering where they might be going , when the little school oven with the dough states drying  crossed my mind . Could the states be burning ? Sure , sure they could . ” I could have done this ,” I told her , as we got up to go. Firefighters were already unfettering their hoses .ASSYRIA

Fire departments don’t mess around with school fires . There was a small army of them suddenly at the scene . It was great fun for the students ,  at least , all of whom now watched from their evacuation spots on the yard . I was hoping that the principal , who had grown up in an orange grove , now fondly remembered  the black smoke and oily stench of burning smudge pots on her father’s orchard long ago on cold winter nights of her childhood . Somehow , as she stood with the Fire Marshal and pointed in my direction , I knew there were other thoughts roaming around in her mind .

But , hey , you know , everyone makes mistakes .

Was I embarrassed ? Well, a little , of course , since I was the cause of the day’s fiasco. I had my job the next day , though , so it worked itself out . I had clear instructions not to use the school oven for any of my projects or for any reason whatsoever ever again , though , as long as I lived , and that seemed fair enough . .

I had originally interviewed with this principal as we walked the campus . She was a feisty old woman , always on the go . She asked me if she’d be getting a good recommendation from the principal at my previous school . She asked it as if , sure , sure she would . It was , more or less , a rhetorical question .LLAMA

I said no , no she wouldn’t , and I told her the truth, the whole truth ,  and nothing but the truth . She was quiet for a few seconds . Considering . Then she said that she admired my honesty . A bad recommendation wouldn’t be a problem , she said , and  I was in . She was an excellent judge of character , even if I do say so myself , and I think she’d had an occasional  bad recommendation of her own sprinkled  here and there too , spicing up  her days on earth .   .

She urged the prim and proper 8th grade school valedictorian one year to use the nickname Mother Goose in her speech , rather than to use the school name. The shy valedictorian girl  somewhat reluctantly went for it ,  and she got a hugely positive response from the audience . I looked over and saw the old principal smile , satisfied . Mother Goose struck quicker and closer to the hearts of the Mother of Good Counsel community than the usual staunch and proper formality ..

I keep my own personality in a cupboard under the stairs at home so that no one else can see it or nick it . ——–Dawn FrenchDANCE

Cross hatch draw the latch

Sit by the fire and spin

Take a cup and drink it up

Then call the neighbors in .MUSIC

As ice-boxes have become refrigerators , cupboards have become cabinets . I’ve noticed , as I become older , that the world rolls right along in its clumsy way without consulting me . That’s a good thing , too , overall , because I’m not one for handing out advice . I have enough troubles of my own . And , that’s the truth . Colliers cover flute boy

For every evil under the sun

There is a remedy or there is none

If there be one, seek ’til you find it .

If there be none , then never mind it .DANCER

If you go to the cupboard to get your dog a bone , or whatever , and you find that the cupboard is bare , then what do you do ? The poor dog has none . Ah , then starts the dance of life  !



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2 responses to “cupboards

  1. Great story. I love the way you tucked it into everything else 🙂 I caused a bunch of problems in school (as a student) but I never managed to summon the fire department – nicely done sir!

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