” The time has arrived , when patience becomes a crime , and mayhem is garbed in the manner of virtue ”  —-Edgar Rice Burroughs

I don’t know if you remember Johnny Weissmuller . He was a competitive swimmer . He was an actor , too , later . Played Tarzan .

Me Tarzan , you Jane . We used to say that as kids . We watched Tarzan on the TV. Tarzan the Ape man .

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Tarzan of the Apes  , the novel , was published in 1914 . Edgar Rice Burroughs was the author .There is a city now , called Tarzana , on the site of Burrough’s former ranch in California . You can make an offer on a nice little starter home there , 6 bedrooms — 8 baths , in Tarzana . They’re asking $ 3, 995 ,000 .  8500 square feet , but  if you pay cash you might get a better deal . Make an offer ?

Tarzan , himself , was the son of an English lord . Tarzan wasn’t his Christian name . Evidently,  the parents lost him on a journey to Africa . He was raised by apes . I believe that he was later found and taken back to England, but that he found civilization so uncivilized that he decided to return to the wilds of Africa .

I’ve never read the book , but I’ve seen some of the TV episodes . In those , Jane shows up and the original theme dissolves into an emphasis on the ‘Me Tarzan you Jane’  romance . I noticed that there is a cartoon movie out in the last few years . I wonder if the emphasis there is the romance or the disillusion with so-called civilization theme . I suspect the romance perspective takes over .

I could be wrong . Hope I am . It would be nice to believe that contemporary thought has some depth. Nevertheless , perhaps old Tarzan of the Apes was right about the world . We “civilized” people trick ourselves into claiming some higher moral status than others . Oh, we are such first-rate superior creatures ;  we know what’s what and how things should be done . Everyone should be like us — or else !

” We will never have true civilization until we learn to recognize the rights of others .” —Will Rogers

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8 responses to “tarzan

  1. Thanks, Dan. Now I’ll have to read the book, the first one anyway. You left me curious.

  2. The novel isn’t bad. The movies and TV show were rather silly, as one might expect.

  3. I remember those movies. I never quite understood the whole story

  4. I well remember Johnny from my childhood and Tarzan, but then after retirement, he lived around the corner from my parents for a bit.

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