I heard that old John Cleese , of Monty Python fame , has made several ads to promote philosophy . I like John Cleese . Ada and I went to see him in  a Culver City theater last year . He’s a hundred and two or three or more  but still going strong .

I couldn’t do ads for philosophy . It just wouldn’t be right . I understand philosophy just about as well as I understand poetry , which is to say not at all . Sorry , Poetry , but you’ll have to go on without me .

I went to see Charles Bukowski in Venice , CA , back in the late 70s   at the urging of my friend Joe , writer and poet , teacher of literature , etc. Bukowski was known as The Drunken Poet . He’d be drinking throughout his shows as he read his poetry and cursed and insulted his audience and continued until he eventually passed out . At that point the show was over . Joe , the poet , doesn’t remember the Bukowski show . Now Bukowski’s a big deal , but maybe not so much back then .

I took a philosophy class at UCLA . The class members discussed a chair, at the urging of the professor ,  for several hours . What you hear always is about contemplating your navel ; but what they really contemplate , in real life , is a chair . Philosophers contemplate chairs to death , evidently . Is the chair there ? How do we know that ? Let’s spend the next few hours discussing that in order to come up with an answer . When we get the answer , how do we know the answer is an answer ? Let’s discuss that . As you might imagine , I was really in to this —NOT .bad advicd

Logic is a part of philosophy , too .  I’ve never been very logical . I think I might have been  frightened by Logic when I was an infant . Maybe that’s it.  . I know that I was frightened by mathematics , but that’s another story . I like to believe I’m logical . Sometimes , no doubt , I am . It may be a statistical phenomenon , a random chance . I don’t know . The left side of my brain overtakes the right side ; or is it the other way around ?

I suspect that I nursed a case of autism from the early days  on . My first grade teacher suggested , evidently , to my parents that they consider psychological help for me . According to my mother , my father , an MD ( and a PhD ) wasn’t about to take the medical diagosis by a schoolteacher seriously . In those days , I think,  a lot of us kids we merely ” going through a phase ” instead of being seriously messed up .

I could write poetry to express my plight , if I were a poet , but I ain’t . I could philosophize , of course ; but with no decent grasp of philosophy I might just end up jabbering non-sensically about this or that .

Heh !Api and LACMA Oct. 2015 054

I appreciate poets , though , and , for that matter , philosophers . Well , in a distant sort of way , anyway . Everyone has a function . Without poetry where would we be ? Without philosophy who would know whether the chair is there or not ?  I know , I know , I’m being facetious and unfair . I’m compensating for a serious lack of this and that . .

If I were more of an intellectual I’d be getting angrier and angrier at the drift in this country , and the world , towards fear and intolerance , history-ignorance , zenophobia and mean-ness , hate speech and narrow-mindedness .shakespeareSometimes an attention deficit comes in handy .

I’m looking out for public service announcements about the value of poetry . John Cleese ? No. Then , who ?  Does it matter ? This may be a metaphysical issue beyond immediate concern . George Bernard Shaw 1905






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13 responses to “philosopoetry

  1. A great ad for philosophy!

  2. You are so entertaining in a profoundly philosophical, if not poetic, way. 🙂

  3. When I had to find something to fill the Core-A courses, I was very happy to find that Logic was indeed part of Philosophy. Logic, I could handle, Deep thinking was beyond my reach. Is this chair really here?

  4. Everything you said seems logical. But my take on things is often illogical. So perhaps I’m just being poetic. Or something.

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