Things go wrong . Like the oven giving up the ghost the day before Thanksgiving . Ada and I had eleven people coming to dinner .

Things work out . Luckily our neighbor Marie offered her oven . She was going to her daughter’s for Thanksgiving dinner . Usually she hosts her family , but this year she only had to cook some sweet potatoes, she told us ,  and then the oven was ours .

We were up in the mountains the next day watching snow flakes swirl and fall . My cousin wanted to go see where Christopher Dorner , the murderous rogue cop , had died . She said that the cabin where the police finally cornered him was in Seven Oaks . I was driving , so we hopped into the car and drove through the snow to Seven Oaks , which was about eight miles away . reindeer ( SA-kuva archive )[photo from SA-Kuva archive]

I said that I have always heard that Dorner was cornered and killed in Barton Flats . My cousin had heard Seven Oaks . She got on her smart phone and asked Google , or whomever , for information .

Phones don’t like to give specific information when the snow is falling , I suspect ; maybe they hate to give bad news on such  magical days . Phones have feelings , too , maybe , and like to stay in a positive mood , despite questions about horrible events .

It may be a metaphysical thing , may have to do with what physicists call time’s arrow . The world moves along with or without you despite your random requests to revisit tragedy .

We were just curious , of course . Meant no harm . Merely wanted to be educated about the local history of our mountain , but the phone wasn’t cooperating .

The next day I struck up a conversation with Dave , who lives across the road . Dave rides his motorcycle around the area and has been living up on the mountain long enough to know the place pretty well .

” Dorner cabin , ” he said . ” I wouldn’t let my cats live in that place .   ” Hadn’t been lived in for twenty years , ” he said . ” Trees were growing up through the bottom of the pool , if that tells you anything , ” he said . ”  It’s torn down now because of the crowds of people coming to see it ,” he said .

” Like us ,” I said .

” Pool’s still there , though , ” he said , and when he said that I knew just where the cabin had been , down on Glass Road near Seven Oaks . I’d driven past a few times . My cousin’s info had been absolutely correct .

” We heard it was in Barton Flats . ”

” It’s considered part of Barton Flats , ” Dave said . ” Same mail delivery , but it’s actually in  Seven Oaks . “snow 1

We thanked Dave for the information .

” The owner of the cabin ( which was burned down during the shootout ) is suing for $ 450,000 ,” my cousin told Dave .

” They’ll give her ten thousand and tell her to go away ,” he said . ” She’s using a picture of the place from the 1950s , ” he said , and then he laughed. ” Before that shootout happened raccoons wouldn’t even have wanted to live there ” , he said .

We had had two people from Myanmar ( Burma ) to Thanksgiving dinner . One of them was exiled by the repressive government but hoped to go back . Hoped for a change in the government .

Another guy at the Thanksgiving table had been born and raised in Baghdad . His girlfriend , sitting next to him at the table , is from Paris . The woman reading her poetry across the table from them is a Holocaust survivor . She was in Auschwitz .

The table was loaded with food , of course , for the Thanksgiving celebration . My sister reminded us all , on this day , not to forget the native peoples . Everyone at the table , each in turn , told what he or she was thankful for . No one had to Google that information . eifel  tower



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  1. Nice post Dan. I’m glad your neighbor stepped in to save the turkey. sounds like a wonderful day was had by all. You’ve driven in snow before I have this year – I’m adding that to the list of things I’m thankful for.

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