snowmen in arcadia


Christmastime  in Arcadia again , and the odd creatures come around once more to hang out on neighbors’ lawns . I wrote about one of these guys last year , a lazy bugger who collapsed on the lawn across the street  during the days . At night , every night , he got lit up . I thought for a long time that this slacker was a Santa Claus imitator , but Ada pointed out that it was , clearly , a snowman . Clearly . Sometimes , admittedly ,  I don’t take a good look at vagrants . I took a closer look and agreed with Ada , once again marveling at my langorous  powers of observation .

This year a strange looking bird showed up next door . He stands all day long and all night long on a corner of  my neighbor’s lawn , what’s left of the lawn , at least . I’m going to call the weird creature over there a snowman , at least until someone tells me different . SNOWman 007

We don’t get too many snowmen in Arcadia . Snowmen and oranges don’t seem to mix. Lemons do much better than snowmen in this town .

And Limes . My limes have been dropping off the tree and this is forcing me to make batches of Christmas ceviche . There’re  only so many limes that can be sliced and served with bottles of beer no matter what .  lemon.jpg

I will admit that I have an angel in my front yard , a flapping angel on a nylon flag . Angels and Christmas , right ? An angel announced the arrival of the child , I think .

I also have a candy cane . I’m not sure of the etiology of the Christmas candy cane . You may have noticed the neighbor’s snowman is holding a candy cane . Candy canes have something to do with Christmas . A friend gave us this candy cane several years ago , so I stick it out in front every year to show some Christmas spirit .cnady cane

I’m watching those Christmas visitors out and about the neighborhood . You know , the flock of strange figures who show up for the holidays and then are not to be seen again the entire year .  You know we always have to keep in mind the admonition : See something — Say something .  If I see any suspicious behavior by these Christmas creatures , this suddenly and suspiciously appearing   flock of refugees , then I’ll say something . First , I’ll say something to Ada , though , to see what she thinks . Maybe , otherwise , I’d be making a mountain out of a mole hill . 



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5 responses to “snowmen in arcadia

  1. A small tree in the front window and lights outside is the extent for me this year. Our neighborhoods appear to be similar – but most of those inflatable figures are flat and leaking air by the end of week here! 🙄

  2. We don’t have any inflatable vagrants in our yard. Every year I put up a wreath in December and take it down in June.

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