joy to the world

I was reading the L.A. Times today . ‘Reading’  may be a bit of an exaggeration . Let’s say I skim it ,  reading  most of the headlines ; get a sense of what’s called news .

Today’s ‘news’ was all negative . All of it . Usually there is some human -interest filler , or some reporting on something positive in the world . Not today though .

Oh , first I should say ‘Merry Christmas’ !  Good luck for a happy new year , too , because it’s four days or so until Christmas .

I’m reading a book about John Dillinger . He was shot down on a Chicago street by G-men in 1934 . Thirty-one years old . He was known , at the time , as Public Enemy Number One . Had spent most of his life in prison .dillinger

A few days after his death , a nineteen year old in Los Angels shot a cop and yelled : ” I am the new Dillinger ! “No one , I suspect , had informed the young murderer about Dillinger’s having spent the majority of his life  in prison .

Seven years earlier , three eighteen-year olds in Arcadia , CA , were sentenced to life behind bars for having murdered an Arcadia police officer one night . They had been planning to rob a barbeque joint on a dusty corner at the edge of town one night when the cop approached the car they were sitting in and asked for license and registration .

There were other , more grisly murders happening around Los Angeles in those days , too . No need to go into any of those here . It’s Christmas time !    Now it occurs to me that King Herod was killing the new-borns way back at the first Christmas . There must be a lesson here , somewhere , about humans killing humans , but that’s not the point of this post , so I will move on .

And the world during the 1920s and 30s ?  Are you kidding me ?  Peace and tranquility ? Had I been reading a newspaper then , I probably would have been having the same feelings as when I read the L.A. Times nowadays . Al Capone , anyone ? The second world war was beginning to simmer , too .

But now I can also hook in to the world wide web and get a more immediate sense of how things are going . It may well be a skewed sense of things , but , nevertheless , immediate .

I hope that Santa will take care out there as his sleigh flies along . Lots of satellites will be tracking him , of course . I hope he has checked those helpers and screened that sack of toys . Hell of a thing if one of his reindeer has been radicalized . More likely possibility is that one might be Putin-ized , a Commie spy , slipping in over the frozen northern border at some point while  Santy was busy supervising the elves in the workshop . And who knows what the Chinese or the North Koreans might be up to !santa and kids

And , Jesus !  We won’t even discuss that matter at Christmas. Let’s not talk religion . Too complicated . We might get into arguments , when we discuss the Christmas story , about world-wanderers and refugees . Help them out ? Don’t help them out ?  Did we ever track , by the way , who owned that manger , anyhow ?  There must be a network we were previously unaware of . Must be someone’s fault ; someone was lying down on the job . We are all at risk . I suspect , on top of all that , that those so-called ‘wise men’ were Muslim .

So , this Christmas , peace on earth and joy to the world may be out . Before I declare that as a for-sure thing , though , I have to check Facebook and check  in with cable news . merry christmas cartoon



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7 responses to “joy to the world

  1. I just spent a few minutes researching your important manger question. (Apparently, both the manger and your question are important, because I discovered a whole lot of theories and maybe even a few facts.)
    The LA Times continues to help keep the answer secret. That’s my own conspiracy theory, and I know what I’m talking about; because I did my time in LA. Bunch of strange characters live out there on the edge.
    Wikipedia was just about as useless. Those guys claimed that mangers weren’t even invented in the year 00.
    So, I eventually depended on good old Facebook. Joe Shirley. That’s the guy who owned and rented out the manger. Professional Hippie, part time landlord. JS wore a beard, so I’m sure he wasn’t as trustworthy as the Hallmark cards would have us believe.
    Thanks for raising this issue. You should found your own newspaper.

  2. What did facebook say? Are we all doomed? In the meantime… Have a very Merry Christmas, Dan!!

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