merry christmas

Our Christmas tree is decorated in a retro style , thanks to our chief decorator , Ada . The fuzzy cloth under the tree is a bit kitchy , but it fits the theme very well , I have to admit .christmas tree 1

Oh well , we couldn’t find the more sedate and sophisticated cloth we usually use . It’s somewhere in the garage , I guess . Maybe it’s making small talk with the boomerang that my father brought back as a souvenir from Australia when his ship stopped there during WWII .christmas display

I haven’t seen that boomerang in years , but I know it’s in there . That lost cloth might be reading my dream journal , the one that I wrote for awhile when I was a college kid but haven’t seen hide-nor-hair  of  for years . There are lots of other possessions of mine hiding in that garage . An old wind-up record player from the 40’s is in there still , I think . I know those items must all get together at times , to compare notes and to chatter a bit , killing time , no doubt also making fun of me for collecting so much stuff and then losing track of it .christmas nast cartoon santa

I haven’t seen any presents appear under our tree yet . I hope that there will be a few , but not too many . I’ve got everything that I want and I don’t need anything that I can think of . My mother used to say that all she wanted for Christmas is for everyone to be happy .  She would often add for emphasis , too , in case we six little monsters hadn’t got the message : “….and no fighting ! “x-mas card 1840

I had to go out this year and buy a new timer for the Christmas lights . Now the house has , in a sense , a mind of its own . Lights come on when they want and go off again later .x-mas

What I want for Christmas is a some kind of a timer for the rest of things . For everything , so that I can just sit here and relax .  Well , now that I think of it , I guess things happen on their own timers as it is now , anyway . My oven , for example , stops working all of a sudden and then starts again . World events begin and at some point are over with . Wars come and go . Enemies are enemies and then they become allies . Someone declares war on poverty , drugs , terrorism ,  etc. Meanwhile , Santa comes and then he’s gone as some people discuss a war on Christmas. How about a war on war ? Too controversial ?  Too passe ?manger

What I want for Christmas is , also , that everyone just be happy . Have a happy holiday season . Be merry . Good cheer !  Let the world’s timer take care of whatever it takes care of . You just relax , enjoy , celebrate . I’ll raise a glass of beer in your praise and honor for doing what you do . My old neighbor Don used to say to me : ” Just keep on doin’ what you’re doin’  ” , and so , this Christmas , I pass that bit of kindness along to you all .


…………………..and many happy new years !cnady cane


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  1. All the very best Dan! Thom.

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