with any luck ( not )


painters 002Gary Powers , pilot , shot down over Soviet Union in 1960 in a U-2 spy plane . He survives the crash .

Leon Praport  , holocaust survivor from Poland , emigrates to Israel and then to the USA .

getty museum 007IMG_3077

Gary Powers , then a newsman in L.A. , covers a brush fire in the local foothills in 1977 and that day his helicopter crashes  ,  killing himUtah trip 020100_2559100_1839IMG_3088 .

alley walk Arcadia 045Picture 078I_Lost_My_Job_TodayIMG_2675Praport , visiting from New Jersey , rides Angels Flight, ” The Shortest Railway In The World ” ,  in L.A.  one morning . One of the two funicular cars breaks loose and hurtles Praport to his death in 2001 .


And you wonder why these pictures don’t match the story .

local mountains 001Things sometimes just don’t seem to make sense .

santa plastic 001

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3 responses to “with any luck ( not )

  1. I love the forklift photo – sorry for the guy, but funny.

  2. Powerful post. Sometimes things don’t make sense at all.

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