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The Rolling Stones & J Geils cover The Valentinos: (Looking For A Love/It’s All Over Now)

Another good one .

The Immortal Jukebox

William Goldman, the screenwriter of Hollywood boffo smashes such as, ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and, ‘All the President’s Men’ was a highly intelligent and perspicacious observer of the cultural scene.

It seems to me he was speaking the plain truth when he observed that when it comes to predicting success in any artistic enterprise, ‘Nobody knows anything … Not one person knows for a certainty what is going to work. Every time out it’s a guess and, if you’re lucky, an educated one’.

That certainly holds true for writing and recording hit songs; especially songs which endure not for five or ten or twenty-five years but for 50 years and more.

Nobody has a guaranteed formula for producing songs that can get up and walk on their own, songs with the mysteriously vitality and stickability which lodges them deep in our consciousness. Songs which manage to mark our…

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3 and helena rubenstein

Ideas , ideas , that’s what we need .—–Helena Rubenstein

1822 theater gallery.png

russian ambassador.png

republican beau

helena rubenstein


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5 caricatures and elihu root

The wolf always charges  the lamb with muddying the stream —- Elihu Root

caricature of man covered in demons

indecency cartoon 1799


comedy cruickshank 1791.pngvirgin unmasked 1786

elihu root

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Barbara Lewis: The queen of sultry early 60s R&B – Baby I’m Yours!

Any of these posts from this blog are worth checking out . I like this one and I think you will too .

The Immortal Jukebox

1963 was a vintage year for chart topping R&B singles.

Motown’s imperious domination of the chart was evidenced by Mary Wells’ lovely, ‘Two Lovers’ written by the great Smokey Robinson who hit the summit himself accompanied by The Miracles with the hypnotic, ‘You Really Got A Hold On Me’ which the admiring Beatles covered on their second album.

An absurdly precocious and energetic, ‘Little Stevie Wonder’ electrified everyone who heard him with, ‘Fingertips (Part 2) while Martha & The Vandellas filled dance floors all over the globe and sent thermometers soaring with the epochal, ‘Heatwave’.

The singular genius of Curtis Mayfield was represented by The Impressions prayerful, ‘It’s Alright’ and the nonpareil vocals of Sam Cooke took the witty, ‘Another Saturday Night’ to the chart summit.

Ruby & The Romantics and The Chiffons kept the Girl Group flag flying with the unforgettable, ‘Our Day Will Come’ and, ‘He’s So Fine’…

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old cars

car old pink

car old xxxx

car 1930s xxx

car 1930s old searscar oldcar old oregon

1912 3


January 18, 2016 · 11:36 am


billiards 2Wanta buy a pool table ? They’ve  got several over at the 4th Dimension for sale . Probably you could pick one up for a song . Well , picking it up , now that I think of it , would be one of the main problems . Obviously .  There are people who do that , though ,  who move pool tables , I suspect. Like piano movers . Specialists .

Why are they selling their pool tables  ?  Maybe you thought they might be up-grading , buying new state-of-the-art , world class , super-duper pool tables , maybe with digitally displayed scoring ,  WiFi connection , and hi-definition instant re-play capability ? Or something . Maybe a buzzer sounds when the cloth gets too worn out .

Sadly , no.

Willie , Bill , Dan and I showed up after Christmas , on our regular Thursday rendezvous at the pool place , and it was locked up and dark . I was right in the middle of a pretty good joke when Willie interrupted . Something serious . He pointed out the sign posted on the glass door to the place : CLOSED INDEFINITELY .

None of us liked the sound of that word ‘INDEFINITELY’.  Indefinitely seemed final ; forever . The end loometh and we all knew it .

” What’s going to happen to Tim , and Victor ?  ” Tim is one of the owners , the one who showed up each night to run the place , the one who called us ‘The Three Wise Men’  until there were four of us . The one who would chew us out after the one or two times we hadn’t showed up on Thursday . Victor was the bartender , the guy who could pour the perfect pint of Guinness ( Tim couldn’t ) , the one who started pouring them when he saw us walk in because , as you know , Guinness takes a few minutes to settle .billiards 1814

We had a big rain here in the southland , the Inland Empire , the SGV ( San Gabriel Valley )  for a couple of days . Bill and I figure the ceiling of the old place finally gave way and Tim’s partners decided at long last to throw  in the towel rather than finance the extensive repairs. Bill’s been warning Tim for years about the roof situation .We don’t know the details yet , though .

Willie went by the next day and saw a sign posted beside the ‘INDEFINITELY’ notice . It said : POOL TABLES FOR SALE . None of us like the sound of that either .

The end of an era .

pool game

Don’t cry in your beer. It will just get diluted .


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‘merican shots


gasmask girlsman with gun 1930

gun belt.jpgalligator and snake

man in top hat

man 1898

woman shooter 1914

roosevelt HS LA 1942

Daniel Boone

flowers end of april 047


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