I read books . I read big books   I read small books . Read Dan read.  I read murder mysteries. I read  histories . I read read read .

I usually have two books going at any one time . I get bored with one and hit the other for awhile  . No , I don’t usually get them mixed up . When I finish one I start another , so the process is a constant rotation of books .

Are there rules about that kind of thing ? Am I breaking any book reading rules ?

A friend of mine lent me a book yesterday , an Irish mystery . She said it has a  lot of Irish brogue in it and that I should be aware and ready for that . But it doesn’t . It’s Irish , but the repartee is hardbitten Irish street lingo ; Galway noir , but  not brogue .

Anyhow , now I’ve got to read this little offering so that I can return it to her so that she can  read it again . That makes three books going for me right now and the John Adams biography sits staring at me , waiting . I want to read about the first U.S. serial killer , too ; was it at the Chicago World’s Fair ? . I heard it’s  hard to put down ; but that one will have to wait , too . I’m knocking John Adams back one space on my unwritten list . Too many pages to move up the list at the moment .

I’ll  read three two-hundred page novels before I’ll gather the courage to attempt a six-hundred page tome.

For whom the bell tomes ; it tomes for thee…………..

Friend of mine lent me  The Martian recently . He wanted it back , too , so he could read it a fifth time . I do not judge a book reader . God will not seek retribution . It is not a sin to re-read a book several times . Is it ?  I’ve read a few books twice , but several years elbowed their way in between readings. I read at least one book twice and didn’t realize  until events in the final chapter that I’d read it before .  Several times I’ve done that but realized within a chapter or two and then immediately abandoned the effort  .

I’m reading Get Shorty by Elmore Leonard now , and I’m almost done . I think that I read the book before , too . Maybe not . It’s a mystery . Maybe I saw the movie and that makes me suspect that I’ve read the book .

I was in the cafe at the L.A cathedral a few days ago with Ada . We were taking Ada’s sister around downtown . Sister was in the gift shop while Ada and I sat in the cafe . As I got my coffee the kid behind the counter said :

” You used to come in here , didn’t you ? ”

I told him that he has a good memory  . ” Used to come in when I had jury duty ,” I said .

” Yeah , ” he said . ” You look familiar. I remember faces but I don’t remember names  “, he said .  I smiled .root beer hamburgers sign

Ada asked me later about coming in there . Like I had a secret life in downtown L.A.   I told her I must look like someone else .

I had come in once several years ago and ordered a styrofoam bowl of clam chowder . Ate it outside with all of the  entrails of the courthouse spewed around the place for lunch : lawyers , other jurors , clerks , defendants . Jurors get a discount for lunch  . I don’t know about the others .

The coffee kid doesn’t remember me , I assured Ada ,  but he thinks he does ; so let’s give the kid a break because he was friendly . An extroverted guy like that probably remembers every book he’s ever read , too , I thought later , and wouldn’t  ever inadvertently  re-read a book  . In addition ,  I doubt whether he’d read more than one book at a time , ever ,  because there must be people like that ; but who knows .




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9 responses to “books

  1. Dan Hen, Your mental voyages fascinate a lug like me. And I promise not to tell Ada about your long ago secret life.

  2. I’m a one-book-at-a-time gal, but there’s no one way to read a book. I recently met a woman who ALWAYS reads the end of the book first. That seemed odd to me, but to each his own. Just keep reading and enjoying.

  3. So, I’m trying to figure out if it means anything that I’m reading about s guy who is reading. I feel look I might disolve into an MC Escher drawing.

    By the way, you do look like that guy who was here before.

  4. Anonymous

    Love this. “books start at me” “repartee” “tomes” “coffee kid”

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