The doorbell at my house usually doesn’t work . It’s a battery powered device . The button , stuck out there on the front porch , usually does nothing . I think , from time to time , to replace it . On the other hand , a broken button keeps  unwanted solicitors at bay ; at least confused , and eventually discourages them .house cabin

I watch them from behind a curtain sometimes, those hopeful hawkers of whatever , sometimes . For a few seconds I consider feeling like a peeping Tom , or a nosy old neighbor , or some creepy character from a horror flick , but almost immediately I get over it . After all , they are the ones who’ve intruded on my space . Yeah ?hen on porch

They push the (broken)  button and wait . They try pushing the button again . I think that they listen then for  movement inside the house . They didn’t hear a bell or chimes sound . Then they try to knock , but the security screen door makes a knock on the door impossible . Some of them knock weakly on the door frame . Most often the screen door is then rattled. Then another minute of waiting .  Then arrives final resignation and retreat . Some hang on longer than others . Religious people seem to wait the longest . They have more faith than the others , evidently .

When I buy a new doorbell button I’ll have to post a little NO SOLICITORS sign above it . Or , I guess  I could post a sign  that simply says NO , and just leave it at that .

A ‘No’ uttered from deepest conviction is better than a ‘Yes’ uttered to please , or worse , to avoid trouble —–Mahatma Gandhi .





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6 responses to “doorbell

  1. I like leaving them confused by the broken bell. Or, you could steal a line from the Wizard of OZ and lean out the window and yell “Who rang that bell?” and then hang the “Bell broken” sign.

  2. I picked up a little sign for you, Dan, to hang above your bell.

  3. “Or , I guess I could post a sign that simply says NO , and just leave it at that .”

    It is best to cover all contingencies. 🙂

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