So I gots this friend up north who used to teach with me for a year in the previous century back when we both were young and feisty and the world was , as they say , our oyster . Well , I don’t know if anyone says the world is our oyster or not , to be honest ; but you know what I mean .morro bay march 2016 006.JPGMASKS

I was up in Morro Bay for a couple of days . It’s a small beach town on the central California coast . Very pretty . Boats and a big rock , seagulls and seal lions ,  otters and heron . Fog , also , and kayaks , and fish restaurants . And oysters , I think . The world may have been an oyster long ago for the two of us , but the Morro boats still go out and catch oysters . I , to be honest , can’t quite comprehend all the ins and outs of  the connections  between the world and oysters . So you’ve got an oyster ! Then what ?

We should just move on , I think .

Why , then the world is mine oyster,

Which I with sword will open.  ——–Willie Shakespeare

We talked , my old friend and I  , of specific events from the old days , and people . One suddenly -retrieved memory evoked another , and we gabbed  away for a few hours , we two old teachers and friends , summoning seemingly ethereal ghosts and a few odd goblins from a shared deep ocean of oysters .morro bay march 2016 018

morro bay march 2016 078

I saw some traps on the pier in Morro Bay but no oysters . The oyster fishermen were gone , too . ( Should I say fisherpeople ? ) They were somewhere unseen . Their boats lolled away the hours lounging lazily on the  still water .

When we were young we opened each of our oysters differently , but we also mirrored the other person along the way , I thought . You see, we were comparing notes because we haven’t seen one another for thirty-five years or so , since that one teaching year at the same little school so long ago .  We both stuck with teaching . We’ve held good memories of one another for all this time  , too .Meeting now was  like discovering pearls , maybe .

Remember that the most valuable antiques are dear old friends .  

I don’t know where this twisted treatise on oysters and old friends  is going . The first one gets the oyster ; the second one gets the shell . I don’t even like oysters . There’s a positive message in this post  somewhere , I’m sure , an optimistic easy-going message wearing a wide easy smile , but I can’t quite wrestle it into words to put them onto the page . So , I suppose , you should stop reading :

HERE .morro bay march 2016 011


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16 responses to “oysters

  1. Reblogged this on No Facilities and commented:
    Hmmm, is the world still your oyster? Is it on the half-shell, or… Maybe you should just read Dan’s (a different Dan) post. I enjoyed it. If I can figure out how to do it, I’m going to close comments here. If you want to comment, go see the oyster man (you won’t be disappointed).

  2. I think there is a positive message in there Dan 🙂

  3. Such a great post and really felt the warmth of Meeting up with this old friend – your musing at the end was fun – about the connecting of things in the post and not liking oysters .
    A few of your descriptive sentences were masterfully crafted and I am glad Dan (@nofacilities) shared this rich piece. The unique boat images
    Are a nice takeaway for me.
    Have a nice weekend ….

  4. jan

    I’m not a fan of oysters either but Morro Bay is a cool place to hang out and contemplate old friends.

  5. Dan, Your old buddy is fortunate to count you as a friend. For all the changes in an oyster’s life, some precious pearls remain the same. You are one of those pearls. All of us who know you are richer for your company. And you’re an excellent writer to boot.

  6. Some nice pics from around the bay. I like oysters. Susan doesn’t.

  7. I enjoyed the change of pace and liked reading your post today, Dan Hen. I am one who loves boats and sea or lake side locations. The oysters I would skip but have eaten many kinds of seafood, even halibut and flounder from Lake Erie. I particularly like cod, shrimp, lobster, clams and lighter flavored fish. Smiles, Robin

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