lost spoon

Sometimes I get a favorite thing stuck in my brain that I’d like to keep . Maybe you’ve got your favorite things . If so , then  you know what I’m talking about .

This is not a big one . That’ll be obvious . But , nevertheless , small things can be little grains of irritation or satisfaction . I like to scoop my coffee with an old tin tablespoon . Yeah . That’s it . That’s the big topic of today’s post .

Some months ago my little tin coffee spoon disappeared . I looked . I’m a good finder . I went through in my mind all of the logical places . Nothing . Nowhere .

I looked again , of course . Twice in likely places . Three times . Weeks passed . Nada . I was baffled .

They asked Dan’l Boone had he ever been lost , and he said he’s never been lost . He said he’d been confused for weeks at a time , but he’d never been lost . As I heard Ada tell someone today : Everything works out in the end . If it hasn’t worked out , then it’s not the end .

Last week a friend visited . She wanted decaffeinated coffee . I keep the de-caf in a cabinet above the refrigerator .It sits there for months , sometimes , waiting its turn . Patient . Maybe bored to death ; maybe relieved . I don’t know for sure . I’m not really a coffee aficionado .

When I got the can of de-caf down and opened it up , guess what ? There it was , sitting in the dark brown  de-caf  . The spoon . It hadn’t changed , from what I could tell . Who knows , though . I was happy to have it back , anyway .

End of story , I guess. It’s just a spoon , after all . Where it came from , I don’t remember . Seems like it’s been around forever, now  old and grey , scratched , and somewhat worn and dented .


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8 responses to “lost spoon

  1. Dan, Only you could focus on a coffee spoon for months. Sounds as if the two of you were meant to be. Sometimes, I believe in fate. Consider the history of your spoon. Birth in a tin mine. Painful journey through a fired-up melting vat. Molded into shape by cruel machines. But finally polished because she wanted to look good for Dan. Now I’m tearing up. Tears of decaffeinated joy.

  2. I hope a couple months in the decaf didn’t lower its energy level.

  3. All my measuring spoons are that style, I love ’em.

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