I know some good storytellers .

One of them has just published a novel . I haven’t read it yet , so I’m not going to shamelessly plug it in this post . I ordered a copy and it should arrive at my house early next week . I’m a slow reader , so it’ll take me awhile to read it . Then , eventually , I might do a book review , although  I never do book reviews . Probably won’t do the book  justice when I do . But , you know , I’ll give it a shot .

I’ve read the first three chapters of the novel several months ago ; maybe a year or two ago , when it was a work-in-progress .  I couldn’t  tell where the story was going with only that bit of reading .  I’m glad that the book was finished , though .

Life is full of unfinished writing . Well , maybe that’s mainly just my life . ( I know that when Ada reads this little admission of mine she’ll be nodding her head . As soon as she sees me , afterward , she’ll say : ” Well , when are you going to do something about it ? ” )

free lunch drawingI have to admit something , at about this point , ( or point out the obvious ) that  inexplicably , I seem to be under the impression that there is , indeed ,  such as thing as a free lunch . What I mean is , in other words , no one told me when or where to line up to get a type A personality so I missed out on that . Oh , well !

I’ll get to that book review , however , nevertheless .

Okay , here’s a hint about the novel .




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4 responses to “story

  1. Type A? I don’t think so Dan. I’m thinking Type M (mad, as in like a hatter) or something a little farther down the alphabet. Ordinary folks are A & B, who needs that?

  2. Thx, Dan. Those two photos say it all, too. I think it was Beckett who said you don’t really ever finish a book, you just abandon it, or something like that, or someone like Sam.

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