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compensation complaint

I’ve been reading about the director of the L.A. County Fairgrounds who recently decided to step down . He said he thought that he would be a distraction if he stayed in the job . If you can’t stand the heat , get out of the kitchen .

Last year he made one million , forty-five thousand dollars in total compensation . He’s done a wonderful job , according the the board who hired him , in 1995 , and he’s earned every penny . 1995 was the last year that the Fair was in the black . It’s been hemorraging money for years .marcus hanna

I was a teacher for a long time . My salary never quite reached the million mark . I had my head in the sand , though , now that I think of it . I should have been a CEO . My mistake ! Sometimes we just follow the wrong paths in life .

Teachers have been under the microscope for several years for several reasons . If the students don’t learn , then the teacher is blamed and the public demands that the teacher be fired . Can’t have bad teachers . Salaries , many say , should be based on results of testing . If classes don’t learn , it’s the teachers’ fault , clearly , and there should be swift consequences . ┬áNever mind the myriad of other factors that may be involved in a child’s education : school district idiocy , troubled home situations , unintended ( usually ) sabotage by inept school administrations , etc .

Evidently top -level CEOs don’t share the same accountability as teachers . If the Fair loses money year by year , that didn’t affect the director’s salary . In fact , he got hefty raises and fat bonuses , higher and higher every year . Why ? Because , say those handing out the taxpayers’ money for his $million+ ┬ácompensation , he was doing a great job . A wonderful job .

There . Now I got that out of my system .




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