This is the new front yard :yard flowere March 2016 015Had I cleared the lawn out earlier , say a couple of years ago , I would probably have qualified for a couple of $1000 from the government . Yard welfare . Friends of ours did that .

I’m not complaining . My entire projects cost us about $2000 . Maybe a little less . Lots of rocks , and lots of work cleaning out the old scraggly lawn . I did the work myself . Borrowed a truck and a big roto-tiller from a friend . Hey , I’m retired . I’ve got the time .

Ada suspected that I would never finish . Hire somebody , she said . Get it done before summer . She pointed out a couple of the unfinished projects around the house . New doors , for example , we’ve had on the to-do list for years . Well , I saw the point she was driving at , of course , but I’m sometimes stubborn , so I went ahead with the plan . It’s worth noting , I think , that Ada wasn’t worried about me being too old for the job , that maybe I’d have a stroke or something like that . As our friend Mac is fond of saying : Just saying ! She just wanted the yard done .

So now the yard project is done . We are happy with it . By we, of course , the important one of the “we” in this case is Ada . If she weren’t happy with it I’d be dead meat . I’d be in the doghouse forever , I guess , or at least as long as the yard looked like that . That could be an awful long time . Or a very expensive situation to fix .

My friends hired a yard architect to manage their project . It cost them a tad more than my project .I shudder to think ! Let’s just say more money  than I’d be willing to part with for a yard .  Our front yard looks better that their front yard , I’d say .  Just saying  . And, as an added bonus ,  I got some good exercise without having to go to the gym . Now you’re jealous !

I tore out quarter inch wiry roots from every square foot of the yard . I hadn’t known they were there , soaking up my precious water all these years , bringing it over to the neighbor’s magnolia tree in his front yard . No wonder my lawn never did so well , especially nearest his place  . Neighbor’s tree’s roots established themselves under my driveway . They cracked the driveway , too ,   as  I had always suspected but had no proof.   Until now .

He dug up his lawn , too , by the way, and found it filled with the spindly roots , too . It caused him some considerable aggravation , which is enough retribution from me for his tree’s mischief . He put down fake grass , very green , and some red bark around the edges . He didn’t take the old lawn out , though ; just chewed it up with a roto-tiller and smoothed it out and covered it . I think , after a couple of rains , his old grass will come to life and rudely raise up his fake stuff fairly quickly ,  an inch at a time . He should’a hired somebody , I guess , but  maybe it’ll never rain again around here again nohow . Who knows !  They predicted rain for the weekend , but they’re seldom right .yard flowere March 2016 019


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8 responses to “yards

  1. Nicely done. Our dog seems to be taking care of tearing up the grass, but we don’t have anything interesting to put down in its place. That equals mud on rainy days. I guess I’m either planting grass or buying sod or something, I’d say you should sit back, on a few warm days, have a beer(s) and admire your handiwork.

  2. From your pictures, I’d say it was well worth the effort!!

  3. Looks good – nice job Dan.

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