bla g/ or , home is where the house is

I’ve been staying at my brother’s place in La Jolla for a couple of days. He lives a ten minute walk from the beach .  I’d say , maybe , a couple of blocks , except that the streets curl around around here and there seems to be a private golf club with high iron gates in the way , so it’s hard to calculate distance as the crow flies . Actually , I haven’t seen any crows here , either , or anyway . There are sea gulls  here and there , hired , I think , for the day , to stand on rooftops and to walk ostentatiously along the sand . Crows probably aren’t even allowed in town , I suspect  .

I might suggest to the owner or future owner of the new house across my street in Arcadia that the oversized thing be moved down to La Jolla . Better do the move soon , too ,  so’s it don’t settle in in my modest neighborhood and immediately begin to sink down to our lowly level of existence . You’d like to think that the mansioniferous new structure  over there  on the other side of the street would bring the rest of us up to it’s  level ; but , that’s not the way it works . Least I don’t think it works that way .

Speakin’ of real estate sagacity , they always say it’s best to own the lowliest house on the block . That just makes sense . Ada and I are on the way to achieving that sage goal , I guess . Ed’s family next door and we have got that market cornered . Our two houses are sort of head-to-head in that race , and the race is quickly approaching it’s last lap , I think . Ed seems to want to stay just where he is even though his wife and son have their eyes on other places . We’ll see ; we’ll see .

People are pushing money in my neighborhood and it , being as we all know a highly addictive substance , will surely ruin the place . That’s my dire prediction for  today . Mark my words . It’ll hit your neighborhood , too , if it hasn’t already . People will be chasing their tails around , crazily , desperate for the stuff .

What ? Paranoid , you say ? Exaggeration ?  Maybe it’s ’cause I been breathing money all day long for the last couple of days . Can’t seem to escape it here . It’s in the air . Schopenhaeur philosopher

Oh , but I’m leaving La Jolla today to head back north toward home . I hope that Ada hasn’t torn the old place down when I was gone and started construction on a ‘remodel’ . Could it be ?   You never know , my friends . You never know .  No , I’m pretty sure Ada wouldn’t do that . She doesn’t want to add a square inch on to our little house . She always says that . I’ll keep my fingers crossed, though ,  while I fight the freeway traffic back to Arcadia on this Friday afternoon .

I’ll have plenty of cross-finger time , traffic being what it is these days .  Traffic is another thing to whine about ; but , I’ll let that topic go until another time .


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6 responses to “bla g/ or , home is where the house is

  1. I think you’re right about the power of a neighborhood, but stacked against the power of money…I don’t know. Many years ago, not that many really, Phieser sued to gain eminent domain over a house across the street from the new headquarters, because they didn’t want to see a dumpy house from their board room. They won. Here in CT, that’s how it works.

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