sticks and stones

I like to scroll through Facebook posts . It’s kind of an observation of the state of the country done the easy way .Coupon and road sign 005

There’s the guy who posts pro-Assad in Syria stuff . He tends to get way too un-American at times , too , for my taste , so his legitimate points get swamped in all of the propaganda . There’s the atheist who spends his time regularly posting anti-religious stuff .  I hope God’s got a sense of humor . Maybe she does . Then there’s the pseudo- moralist , who dangles salvation dressed in misconception , hate , and intolerance . And the cute animal videos are everwhere, of course . And the police-related posts here and there . And the politics .

In those political posts I’ve been called so many names on Facebook that I should take offense. Today’s was a mild insult : ” the attention span of a gnat ” .  Oh , yeah , I’ve been paying attention ; but my dad told me ” Sticks and stones can break your bones , but words can never hurt you ” . Thanks , Dad . It’s not at all true , of course , in the adult world , but it’s a good little saying to fall back on when the political posters hurl the insulting names out at anyone who doesn’t share their foxhole .  It’s a better fallback than : ” I’m rubber ; you’re glue ; it bounces off of me and sticks to you ! ”  Little bit on the aggressive side , that one , valid as it might be .getty museum 007

Oh , I don’t take it personally , the nasty labels and the insults and the put-downs . I just sort of make a mental inventory of the mood and direction of the country , the little bit I can view of it on Facebook.  No , I don’t base my examination of the world wholey on my Facebook observations , and , of course , I don’t blame Facebook . I sure don’t want Facebook , who is a legal person as far as I’ve heard , to have any hurt feelings . That wouldn’t do .

I’d better get to the point of this post before my attention span of a gnat quits on me : There should be more civility in society . There should be more tolerance and respect for one another . There should be more common purpose . Making a better country won’t be achieved by those who hurl the nastiest insults  and/ or  come up with the stickiest put-down labels , or by those who consider adversaries always enemies .

If you disagree with me , you’re  just a  rotten worthless pile of warm worm puke .


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2 responses to “sticks and stones

  1. “No, you are!”

    I totally agree with this post Dan. I steer clear of all these people/posts on Facebook. Every now and then, one of my friends will dip into the nasty-bucket and throw something out that makes me shake my head. I replied, one time, and I learned that they aren’t looking for an honest, productive debate. They just want to yell.

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