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In order to garner a little sympathy , I am offering a couple of snapshots of the dying lavender plants along the side of the neighbors’ house . They’re gonners , as you can see ; but the weeds are doing well . Why they went out and bought them I don’t know , just to let them wither . Well , to each his own , I always say ; but , still .

Meanwhile , my friend Joe read my IRS post and sent me a link to a news item that his wife Susan found . Apparently the feds are catching some of the IRS scammers out there . They’re not all in India or Nigeria , either . They’re in Minnesota .  That makes me want to drop a few pounds of cynicism and report the scammers the  next time I get the call . Oh , it’ll come along sooner or later .

I don’t use a cell phone , and I hear that the scammers don’t contact cell phones as a rule.  So , I conclude ,  I’m it . Since there  are only a few hundred of us around the country , I think , who still use land lines ,  all the scammers have to come to us . That guy with the Indian accent who wants to fix my computer called again yesterday . He’s busy . He’s very concerned about me , too . Microsoft has detected a problem with my computer, he said  . Again . He’ll guide me through a process to fix it , though . I’m not to worry :  ” Just go to your computer…………………….”  

Ada keeps this guy on the line for awhile . She asks him how he got her number . She tells him thank you for the information and she’ll have her computer person look into the problem . She explains that she won’t need his help ; she’ll have her expert investigate the problem . She discusses the issue , calmly , at length with the guy .  Eventually the guy gets frustrated with her and hangs up . And there he was , calling us up out of the blue , again,  only trying to help .

I’m including in this post , also , a snapshot of a stolen recovering lavender in it’s plastic pot . random shots 013

You will notice a difference from the non-stolen other ones .

” And let me remind you , also , that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue “. —Barry Goldwater

I put this Goldwater quote in here for the benefit of an old friend , Tony , who commented on Goldwater appearing in my previous post about stealing the neighbors’ plants . Yeah , who knows who or what might show up for any of my  posts !  I’m as surprised as you are , half the time .

MULTIPLE CHOICE QUIZ :  Who said this :  Everybody’s business is nobody’s business , and nobody’s business is my business .

a. J . Edgar Hoover

b. Clara Barton

c. Wyatt Earp

d. all of the above

I’m not going to give you the answer . Sorry , but they say it’s the questions that matter and not so much the answers . I think they say that . Someone says that . Maybe it’s they . I will say , in passing , the answer is not (d) .

I’m a little distracted as I write this . The man on the phone wants to get me rebates for just about anything : painting , yard work , solar panels , heating and air-conditioning , dog walking , home security ………………………………….   I’m considering getting all of the rebates since he’s so nice and simply wants to do me a favor  ; but I’ve got to get him off of the phone soon because I’m expecting an important call from the IRS .

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(quiz hint)clara barton



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16 responses to “follow-up

  1. I felt bad about your plants, especially after you tried so hard to save them – I love the advice I found (I could have figured That one out!!)
    “The most common lavender problem is wilt. This can be from an unclean environment, improper watering, too much mulch or improper irrigation. The best treatment is to remove and discard the plant.”
    My guess for the quiz – is a.

    • Wrong . Clara Barton , the Civil War nurse . J Edgar may have liked to dress up , but that pict’s not he . Sounds like lavenders are hard to grow .

  2. Given the picture in your hint, I’m going with J Edgar. The lavenders are yours. The ones your neighbor had died. Maybe you can get the computer repair folks working with the IRS folks.

  3. Nicely written. It’s a wonder you had the time, what with all the phone calls.

  4. you are sooooooooo funny – thanks for the follow up on the rescue = and gosh – your humor over the scammers has me laugh too – and your lavender in the pot is looking healthy –
    anyhow, I started gardening in 2007 – and before that I think I was the type who had good intentions, but sometimes had a few plants not make it and I bet any nearby gardeners were sad. For example, our first home had about 8 rose shrubs – I lost three before I learned what they needed – and then all these bulbs were coming up – later I see that the former owner was a great gardener – and well, really wish she would have left us garden info – would have helped.
    all this to say (or to remind you) to have some “grace” for folks – like me back then – who have not a clue about plants, but find their beauty wonderful – and one day we get it – while the seasoned gardeners look on and maybe wait.

    • Believe me , it’s happened to all of us . Live and learn . You make me realize that i sounded a bit conceited about the neighbors’ plants ; but , it’s all in fun . They don’t really have the time or the interest to be gardeners . Rest assrued that they are absolved of any plant sins . I’ll try to have more grace , as per your advice .

      • All I did not feel you were that judgmental at all – because your humor and sweet take on life shines through – with your fun little comments woven in!
        But nice of you to assess and juts be so open –
        And it shows me again that Gardeners are truly some of the “healthiest” people I know – must be something about cultivating that shapes their seeing!
        Happy Memorial Day!

  5. Anonymous

    Looks like all those plants need is a little green paint. I think you have a coupon for that?

  6. Lavenders need a lot of care and observation while the weeds can perfectly grow on their own. It’s the same about any other species. Owls have to feed their young for several months before they leave the nest when chickens are much more independent creatures. The more superior the species, the more help and care they need. Some human species continue to cling to their parents even when they already have their own offspring.

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