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I try to talk reason . Well , most of the time not .But , most of the time , being reasonable doesn’t seem reasonable . I mean , why be reasonable unless you have to . Right ? Well , I’m not saying that I’m right on this . It’s my personal approach to life , and maybe it’s not right for other people . I hope not , ’cause if everyone ran on the same cylinders and the world were all in tune — how boring . Right ?

Well , let me tell you what I’m talking about , in case you think I’m ( as my grandfather would have said ) talking through my hat . And , by the way , if you think that , then that’s okay , too . Think whatever you like . Just don’t expect me to think the same as you . I won’t expect the reverse from you . Deal ?

So , I had to cancel my interest in the Syria Assad -loving blogger I’ve been following . Not ’cause he’s pro-Assad . Just ’cause his reasonableness kinda got up and went . He doesn’t see it , of course . ” Let’s kill Amerikkkans ” that someone posted on his site means to him , I guess , something else . He writes to me : ” Am I missing something ? ”  I won’t go into the whole thing , except to say , as I wrote back to him politely , yeah , you are missing something .  Haven’t you ever used expressions like that , he asked . No , I ain’t never did such a thing   . It was a Russian who wrote that kill Amerikkkans  comment and the blogger explained to me that English wasn’t the commenter’s  first language , as if that bunk explanation explained away her hate speech .

Yeah , you’re missing something,pro-Assad  man . You slipped off the edge .100_2559

I cancelled others, too , recently , on Facebook , for their intolerance . It just gets so tiresome reading the continual crappola .  I guess I continue to be shocked that people I know and have known for a long time  have somehow  become  such bigots . I kind of admire their passion , dedication , and stubborn persistence . That’s a plus . But if you’ve turned completely in the wrong direction , it don’t fix nothin’ . I believe , I suppose , in reason . Maybe my father taught me that . He believed in reason .

Oh , no though ,  I don’t believe that the world runs on reason . It goes along sort of higgedly-piggedty , haphazardly  bouncing crazily from one incident to another . It’s not a very orderly process . But , still , we need to operate as best we can as individuals on a basis of reason . Maybe ?

I can’t throw a wrench into the thinking of these lost  internet pals of mine . Can’t be done . I try as long as I can to avoid making any comment on these blogs , but then , at some point ,  I feel a small intervention is necessary ; but  reason doesn’t stand a chance in the face of holy self-righteousness , whether it concerns religion , politics , or whatever .

This pro-Assad guy I’ve been mentioning suggested that maybe I am not ready to accept his belief system if I quibble about a few ( hate statements ) words . Damn right , buddy . I don’t even like the smell , much less the taste , of Kool-Aide , no matter what flavor . Call me intolerant .Cabin Dec. 2014 angelus oaks 059


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