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the world ; a short summary

Last year we said : Things can’t go on like this , and they didn’t ; they got worse .—–Will Rogers

Will Rogers died in 1935 . Some things weren’t so great in 1935 , like the Great Depression , for one .  In 1859 Charlie Dickens published A Tale of Two Cities . It began something like : It was the best of times and it was the worst of times . It was a time of wisdom and a time of foolishness ……He was writing about some earlier time over across the pond . The 1860s didn’t turn out to be so easy in the USA , either , as I recall from history class .

Shootings and stabbings and ax murders have been going on in our land throughout our history . Lizzy Borden , for example , took an ax and gave her mother forty whacks , as you might have read , and when she’d  seen what she had done , she gave her father forty-one . In 1927 a man blew up a schoolhouse in  Denver with explosives . Luckily , it was done at night and no one was in the place at the time . And then , of course , there were the  labor troubles in this country , with the police shooting down strikers on the orders of company owners . Read your history again . It’s all in there somewhere , all the trouble and the strife . I just give a few random samples in hopes of making my point .poor man

A friend of mine used to say : Yeah , I see your point . It’s right on the top of your head . Very funny when we were kids , but if he says it again I’ll consider defriending him on Facebook , or unfriending him , or whatever it’s called .

I got defriended yesterday by a guy with whom I disagreed  . He commented on a post of mine and said that he’d lost all respect for me . I met the guy once , you understand , at a wedding of a mutual friend several years ago . We’ve been FB friends ever since , until he blocked me yesterday . Now I’m out . Shut out .  No longer are we mutual friends with the guy who got married , I suppose , or are we ? I’m not sure .  I don’t know Facebook so well .

It worries me a bit that I’ve lost all the respect from a guy I never actually was friends with anywhere but in Facebookland . But , still . Is there such a thing as FB respect that I should be aware of ?  Maybe it’s something you trade , like a bit-coin ? There’s a lot for me to learn . Anyway , I’m getting off topic.dancer tamar

I think the world , overall , is just as good and just as bad as it’s ever been . We’re in a Great Psychological Depression , evidently , however , of course , in my opinion .  It’s a negative-focused  world , and I’m quite sure that most people nowadays could expound upon that notion and offer me tons of evidence and positively irrefutable proof of the negative stuff ; but that only proves my point . See ?

We could use a few leaders around these days  who tell us things like We have nothing to fear but fear itself . If we have them they must be waiting somewhere in the shadows . Wait for my next book : Fear Makes Money . It’ll tell you what you already knew you know but didn’t necessarily want to know .

To quote old Will Rogers again :

Everything is changing . People are taking their comedians seriously and their politicians as a joke . 

I think the societal message of recent years is : Live in Fear ; live in Fear ; live in Fear , and they’re gonna get you , anyhow , though , whomever ‘they’ are , and so  be on guard . It’s either them or us , so we better go out and get them before they get us  , just in case . Well , we won’t go , actually , because  it’ll interrupt our routines ; but we’ll send someone to do the job .

There . I’ve simplified the nature of the world and the history of this country  for you .I should throw in a few memes , I know , to make the message palatable for a wider audience , but I  don’t have any handy .  Nevertheless , in conclusion , I say :  Now go out there and , as Will Rogers would say :

Do the best you can , and don’t take life too serious .comedy cruickshank 1791


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