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Poland 3 2016 034Here we are in a harbor city in Poland . It was known as a shipbuilding town . sailboat 1893 Vigilant

When the Solidarity folks began their strikes in Gdansk , the shipyard workers here in Szczecin were doing the same . There is a fairly new Solidarity museum here that displays and explains the events which eventually led to the downfall of the Communist government in Poland . People were dying on the streets here in that time of protests , parades , strikes , and struggles . sailboat Carl 1880s

The huge shipyard in Szczecin , the Stocznia im Adolfa Warskiego , went bankrupt in later years .  Its rigs still stand high up into the sky as silent reminders of older times .  sailboat Hildegard 1900

sailboat margorie 1890s

I decided to post some shots of more peaceful sailing . These pictures are from the 1880s to 1900 . There are plenty of pleasure boats sailing into Szczecin these days . I’ll take a few pictures of some of them and post them in the future . Maybe it will take your mind off of your troubles . sailboat Reaper 1892

sailboat Valkyrie

Poland 1 2016 June 006


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