Poland 3 2016 034Here we are in a harbor city in Poland . It was known as a shipbuilding town . sailboat 1893 Vigilant

When the Solidarity folks began their strikes in Gdansk , the shipyard workers here in Szczecin were doing the same . There is a fairly new Solidarity museum here that displays and explains the events which eventually led to the downfall of the Communist government in Poland . People were dying on the streets here in that time of protests , parades , strikes , and struggles . sailboat Carl 1880s

The huge shipyard in Szczecin , the Stocznia im Adolfa Warskiego , went bankrupt in later years .  Its rigs still stand high up into the sky as silent reminders of older times .  sailboat Hildegard 1900

sailboat margorie 1890s

I decided to post some shots of more peaceful sailing . These pictures are from the 1880s to 1900 . There are plenty of pleasure boats sailing into Szczecin these days . I’ll take a few pictures of some of them and post them in the future . Maybe it will take your mind off of your troubles . sailboat Reaper 1892

sailboat Valkyrie

Poland 1 2016 June 006


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4 responses to “sailings

  1. I imagine you yourself are like one of those old ships, Dan. If another war broke out they’d be an easy target to today’s crafts souped up with the latest technology. Yet in peacetime what wonderful crafts they are with large sails aloft in form playful yet intellectually satisfying like origami, more conducive it seems to poetry and dreams, sailing along majestically, with something vaguely and delightfully preposterous about them too, reminding me somehow of pelicans with their large beaks.

  2. I love that photo at the top!

    • The shipyard . Some of it is used for ship repair nowadays , but no ships are built here anymore , as far as I know . Most of it sits vacant . The city’s economy took a huge hit of which it is only recently recovering . By the way , it was German until 1945 and was heavily bombed near the river by the Brits and USA .

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