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Dropped my camera in a bucket of water two days ago . Might as well admit that right up front .

I had it hooked on my belt .  When I went to use the toilet I loosened my belt and heard the splash . You see, we were over on our friend Jurek’s island — no electricity , no plumbing . He has put in a nice outhouse toilet set -up , and to flush ( no running water ) the bucket full of water is ready and waiting .

Damn camera saw that water and decided to take a quick swim . Clean water ; don’t get the wrong idea ; but , cameras , as far as I know , aren’t generally very good swimmers and ought , in my opinion , to stay away from water . This one wanted to take a quick dip and it took the dive before I knew what was happening .

So I went out today to scout out the price of cameras in Poland . I found a good  one , twenty pixels , 5X telescopic lens . Price was good at the second shop I found .

But , somehow , I had a vague notion that my old camera would dry out and recover . Dreaming . Wishful thinking . But sometimes wishes come through . When I got home from the electronics shops I recharged the camera battery again , shoved it back into the camera , and hit the ‘on’ button . Again .KutaisiTblisi 2016 1003

It worked . I figured I had just saved about ninety bucks for the camera I had planned on buying . The old camera fired up ; the lens extended . All was well .

I swear these electronic devices do it on purpose , just to taunt me . Yeah , I take it personally , but it bothers me less and less . They want me to blow a fuse — pardon the pun , if it is a pun . They do it on purpose to irritate me . The more irritated I get , the happier they are . It’s a peculiar type of aggression , electronics aggression .

I can deal with it pretty well these days , though . I know their game . The trick is to wait them out , reveal no frustration , know that they sometimes like to play dead . They have to do it , perhaps . Probably it’s hardwired into their cold hard little souls , this need to taunt humans . I know it can’t be just me they do it to !

So , the camera gave up the taunting treachery pretty quickly ; saw that I would’t be too bent out of shape with it’s sudden shenanigans.  There was no fun in that for the devious device  and it decided to give up the game .Robert in Szcz. 2015 072

I don’t know anything about electronics , but I can outsmart a camera , at least ,  beat it at its own game . It’s not rocket science . Their brains are tiny .

Ah , we’re probably losing the battle with the electronic world , we humans , from what I see , but if we  finally surrender , it won’t be because of me . I’ll continue to resist , and I’m stubborn .

I hope my flickering -screen laptop is listening ! Are you listening ? You can’t win , buddy !clocks 012


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Walk Away Renee : The lost love that haunts the heart

I especially liked this post from the Jukebox .

The Immortal Jukebox

‘One fairer than my love! The all-seeing sun Nee’r saw her
match since first the world begun.’ (Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet)

‘Your name and mine inside a heart upon a wall
Still finds a way to haunt me though they’re so small’ (Michael Brown)

Some guys have all the luck. You know the type. They don’t shuffle and stumble. They stride, stroll and swagger through life. Golden apples and golden girls fall unbidden at their feet.

Most of us alternate between times when the tides of life seems to sweep us happily along and times when they treacherously turns against us. We carry on looking on in wonder at the guys who seem oblivious to those tides. Serenely they surf away from us into a golden sun.

And, some other guys just don’t seem made for these times. Fragile souls who retreat from the clashing, clangourous cacophony all around to…

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KutaisiTblisi 2016 183.JPG

KutaisiTblisi 2016 177


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kutaisi and tblisi , georgia

KutaisiTblisi 2016 706

KutaisiTblisi 2016 126

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on beer

My blogger pal over at No Facilities has regular features , one of which is  If We Were having A Beer . I don’t have regular features on my silly blog . Sometimes I wish I did , eg. Wordless Wednesday , Thursday Doors ( Norm’s idea ) .

What about ‘Pharmaceutical Friday’ , where we could sit around like a bunch of old fogies and discuss our various medications and ailments and , maybe, share medical advice and/or medications . No ? Maybe not . Okay , what about generalizing that to Fogies Friday ? No . Too soon for you ?  Okay , Trump Tuesday ? We’d all discuss the Trump family . We’d all know more than we ever wanted to know in a couple of weeks , I’m pretty sure .

I’m running out of regular feature ideas . You see now why I haven’t instituted some regularity on my blog . Just too scatterbrained .

Anyway .  Dan at No Facilities has a feature If We Were Having A Beer . He continually mentions a beer called Yeungling . I tasted it once when I was in Connecticut . Maybe it’s exclusively a CT  beer . I’ve never seen it in California at any rate . That’s for sure . Or anywhere else .KutaisiTblisi 2016 1172

I was tasting beers from Georgia last week . Not our Georgia . The other Georgia . You know  . Used to be USSR Georgia . I can tell you a thing or two about their beers . Argo is good , black or white . Stay away from Hertzog . In my opinion , the best tasting one is Natakhtari .KutaisiTblisi 2016 218

KutaisiTblisi 2016 1173

But don’t go to Georgia for the beer would be my advice . Their wine is great . I’m not a wine guy , though . And I’m not a beer expert ; just a beer drinker . And I know that there are plenty of other Georgian beers . I didn’t see them while I was over there . There is a rating list of them on the internet . Everthing’s on the internet. There are numerous beer blogs on the internet . I used to follow one : This Is Why I’m Drunk . It was a good blog , but  eventually seemed way too intense for me and way more than I need to know about beers  . KutaisiTblisi 2016 554

Point of this buildup of mine being , I suppose , that maybe I’ll jump in and plagiarize the other Dan’s blog feature ; but mine might start  , not by ordering a Yeungling , but with ordering a Natakhtari . If I kept this as a regular blog feature , by the next time I go to Georgia ( theirs , not ours ) I would most likely be able to pronounce the name Natakhtari , to remember the syllables in order , and thus to have the future ability to roll it off my tongue instead of stumbling over the name as I always did in Georgia even while trying to read it from a menu . If the menu had the name translated from the Georgian script , that is . Otherwise , good luck .

Teach me how to say  “On tap please ” in Georgian , and give me the ability to pronounce Natakhtari correctly , and all will be right in the world . I’m a man of simple pleasures .KutaisiTblisi 2016 706



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hotel room

Ada and Aleksandra and I spent a few days in Kutaisi , Georgia , and then went to Tblisi . We made reservations to stay a couple more nights at the same hotel in Kutaisi and Zully , the owner , promised us the same room when we would return.

We were given , not the same room , but an almost identical one next to it . Both rooms are right near the reception desk and the lounge area .

I went out for a few items at the store and to take a little walk around the neighborhood. When I got back I put the bag of groceries down near the outside door of ( which I thought was ) our room. I noticed a certain look from George , the young hotel manager sitting at the desk . It was one of those moments in life when I don’t pick up on the meaning , on what’s going on , just at that moment in time . Sometimes it’s years before the light bulb goes on , before the other shoe drops , when it all suddenly becomes crystal clear, whatever it is , that probably should have been clear as day right there , way back when , on the spot , but isn’t ( wasn’t )   in my slow-motion mind .

Then, after dropping the bag of groceries outside the door ,  I walked into the lounge area to say hello to Zully’s dad , who was around , and to George . The man who evidently boards in the hotel  was there too , he as always , tapping on his computer and with his back to the rest of us in the room . I sat there on the big leather sofa about ten minutes or so , and now it was time to get back into the room .

I knocked , a light knock to let the girls know I was back . No answer . I knocked again a little harder. Again , no answer. Harder . George was watching from his desk ; a calm noncommittal expression on his face . I pounded , then , a couple of  forceful pounds . Maybe they had both fallen asleep ? Gone out for some reason ?

” They’ve got to be in there ! ” I said to George .

” But that’s not your room , ” he responded politely .  And only then did I remember and realize that we had been switched to the room next door . Someone unseen in the lounge area asked a question in Georgian and George in Georgian answered . There was  laughter from the unseen parts of the lounge and George could not supress a smile . Even the computer man , I think , probably got a chuckle out of my actions .

Ada thinks that I’m quickly going senile . Actually , I just don’t pay enough attention sometimes to some of life’s many details . It was Zully’s promise of the same room upon our return to Kutaisi , and it was the sense memory I’d developed of going to the old room that had me temporarily flummoxed and bamboozled . That’s my excuse .KutaisiTblisi 2016 538

Two things :  One . It’s funny how I suddenly understood Georgian perfectly well — understood the unseen asker’s question and clearly understood the answer .    And Two . It’s nice to spread a little joy in life .



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