taking an unpaid sick day

Always do whatever’s next .  ———–George Carlin


Poland 9 2016 july 2 026Here I am in Poland with a head  cold , a cloth wrapped around my throat . Ada insisted on the cloth . I  feel like a dog just home from the vet that’s wearing one of those plastic protective collars that look like pale megaphones . Well , I exaggerate only slightly .Poland 9 2016 july 2 021

Last year here I got sick for a week , some mysterious weakness that had me laid up day after day with no apparent symptom other that complete fatigue . I lost ten pounds .I  kept them off for a couple of months , too .   Ada wanted me to see a doctor last year , but I felt that the next day I’d be fine . When that didn’t happen , then the next day I was sure I’d be fine . And so on . Poland 9 2016 july 2 084

Ordinarily I’d be out wandering around the city . We haven’t taken the cruise boat yet , up and down the river for an hour . It looks like a good day for that , but here I am in the apartment  at the keyboard thinking , well , tomorrow I’ll be fine . Maybe tomorrow for the cruise . Poland 6 June 27 2016 037

Ada is off to the Galaxy mall with the grandkids . I’m sure they will stop at the food court for a Mac Donald’s burger , or for an ice cream on the ground floor near the fountain . Who knows ?  For the last couple of days they’ve been walking in the parks and taking the trams and visiting great- grandma at her flat  on the far side of the city .Poland 9 2016 july 2 152I’m drinking tea with honey and lemon , taking aspirin , and taking naps now and again . The neighbor upstairs suggested a few stiff shots of Irish whiskey . The neighbor  didn’t attend medical school , as far as I know ,  but he might be on to something . Poland 9 2016 july 2 068


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2 responses to “taking an unpaid sick day

  1. Bummer in the summer in Szczecin. So that explains that you finished the book. And yet, you’ve missed the obvious cure for the common cold: coconut oil.

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