These days people post things on the internet . I’m now beginning a blog post , for example . Of course.

There are , certainly  , other meanings for the word ‘post’ .  My hometown newspaper when I was a kid was called the Post . It’s probably still around , possibly posting copies on the internet nowadays .  My grandmother used to wait for the morning post and the afternoon post , both delivered by a postman . Post , post , post. A post , of course , is a sturdy wooden length of wood stuck upright into the ground . Fencepost , for example . I still have a posthole digger out in my shed somewhere .  And , someone might post something on a such a  post , like a “No Tresspassing ” sign , or a ” No Hunting ” sign , or maybe   “Do Not Post Any Posts ” .

There are several other definitions of the word ‘post’ , also . Military post . Post -mortem ; post-haste . Some have to do with horses .I want to stick with the general idea of posting the news , or posting information , in this post . That’s the way it goes . This isn’t a language lesson . I ain’t qualified for that . I don’t got the smarts nor the interest for that today . So, here it is and here it goes .

I’ve been noticing these structures around this Polish ( formerly German ) city with posters stuck on them . ( Post-ers ! ) . There are a lot of them ; different shapes ; some new ones that slowly spin ( “Spin”  the news ? ) . Some are apparently old , left over from pre-WWII German times . Poland 12 july 2016 136

I’m a southern California guy . We don’t have these around our towns, as far as I know . I think that , over all of these years , I probably would have noticed them if they’re there .


I’m going to call these items “news posts” . Maybe they have them all over the world , except perhaps in southern California , and I just haven’t noticed . Maybe all over Europe ? Germany , at least ? All over Poland ?  I’ll try and check it out and report back . Give me a few years . Maybe someone has already posted the info on the world wide web , though . No doubt . You’ll have to follow that lead on your own , however . I’m busy .

Poland 9 2016 july 2 067.JPG


At times I wonder if all of those internet posting people with their quick-as-a-fingertip touch postings had had to dig a post hole for each post ( they wouldn’t do it, would they ?  I’d lend them my posthole digger ) , how heavenly- relieved the world might have been , managing to swim out from under an ocean of nutty ( I’ll leave it here with this moderate term , but you know what I mean and can fill in any emotion-charged description you might feel is appropriate )   posts that we all might have been able to avoid suffering through .

At any rate , I’ll continue to monitor the news post situation here in Szczecin and , of course , I’ll keep you posted .




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3 responses to “posts

  1. Just so you post no Bills. But it’s ok if you post a Joe or two. “Road Guard, Post!” Leader of a formation of troops will yell when coming to a crossing or intersection, and the designated road guard runs ahead and stops traffic while the formation proceeds. And there are still telephone poles in the neighborhood, down on Hawthorne, places like that, a pole that’s a foot in diameter of wood but now 2 feet in diameter from all the concert posters posted to the post. This comment is a partial post.

  2. Thanks Dan. I thoroughly enjoyed this post 🙂

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