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Poland 7 2016 frankie's party 021

Szczecin is a sea town , although it’s not on the sea . It was known for shipbuilding until the shipyard went bankrupt in recent years . The large shipyard cranes can be seen along the banks of the river , standing mostly idle , reminders of past glories .Poland 1 2016 June 006

Ships still fill the shorelines of the Odra where is flows through the city , and cruise boats too , and sailboats and other pleasure boats , and a few water taxis , and an occasional log raft .


Poland 7 2016 frankie's party 005

The city is developing the waterfront . There’s a nice river walk with some small restaurants along the way . There are artworks , placed here and there , too . Poland 1 2016 June 004

And there are anchors throughout the city , here and there and seemingly everywhere , in front of schools and in parks , near museums ,  and next to major roadways . pol 1 2015 004

These are the non-working anchors , the retirees , intentional reminders , I think , of the old days , a romantic characterization of a city that now is not the kind of sea town that it used to be . It’s changing .  Shipbuilding here is a thing of the past , but I think that Szczecin has a great new energy and will have an amazing future .


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  1. They do make very interesting reminders. They’re serious looking thins.

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