It seems to me that it used to be easier to travel . For me , I mean ; I don’t know about you .

When I was in my late teens and early twenties I used to do a little hitchhiking . I had a rubberized bag with a drawstring that was long enough for me to loop it around my shoulder . I used the thing for carrying schoolbooks around campus and also for traveling .

By the way , before we go any further with the travel idea , I should point out a spelling difference I’ve intentionally included in this diatribe ( archaic use of the word ‘diatribe’). You may have already noticed . I know that some of you certainly have , and perhaps you were ready to point it out to me . But if you haven’t noticed , then I certainly won’t point it out to you . I’ll leave you alone . No one likes a bully or a know-it-all .  It’s no skin off my nose anyhows , as they say , or something like that . Maybe they say : ‘Doesn’t make no never mind’ ; or ,’ It don’t matter no how’ . I’ll tell you at the end of this post , nevertheless , if you didn’t notice and if you’re still  reading  curious .

So . Wait .

So , moving along , I used to pack this rubberized sack with an extra t-shirt , an extra  pair of underwear , and my toothbrush and take off into the unknown . Maybe I’d hitch from L.A. up to Oregon to see my sister .  Once or twice  I hitched up to Santa Cruz to stay with my friends Eric and Trisha . Didn’t matter . Slept in parks or under freeway bridges or in a clump of bushes when I had to ; once on a flimsy cot in a storage shed in Rosarito , Mexico .

I sold my 1960 Opel Olympia to a friend and neighbor , Jim ,  in 1970 for one hundred bucks and two weeks later he said that he was driving it to Philadelphia. We were at the beach in L.A. I told him the thing wouldn’t make it across country . I thought he was half-crazy for suggesting it .

He asked me if I wanted to go . I thought it over for an hour or so and said sure . I packed my little bag and we went . And  Jim was right after all . Took us four days to cross the continent , driving in shifts . And then the car , by the way , wouldn’t start in the Pennsylvania winter and Jim abandoned it .

I don’t  travel like that now . Are you kidding me ? But I should . These days I , first , have to be sure that I take my reading glasses and my medications and my sun screen , q-tips to clean out my ears and all the necessary electronic stuff with chargers , and maybe a flashlight……. Then , I decide after very studious consideration , that I need extras of this and of that , and maybe also of these and probably of those . Just in case , you know .  A Boy Scout is always prepared , I always tell Ada .

I was never a Boy Scout , though ,  I should admit up front  . I never even had so much contact with scouts as to own a Boy Scout knife , with all those little doo-dads including the pair tiny scissors and a nail file , although maybe I’m getting that mixed up with the Swiss Army knife . Am I  ? But I think that the Boy Scout knife of old , at least , is similar to the famous Swiss Army knife , ‘cept without the Swiss flag or the cork screw . But I’m not really sure . I was never a Boy Scout . I tried once to join , actually ; but that’s another tale for another time . We’re talking here in this post about my recent trip to Georgia . Well , that was my original goal , but I get sidetracked .

Oh , about that spelling thing : ” travelling ” and ” traveling “.  Did you notice ? Whichever one you like better you can , apparently , use without being condemned by the language authorities or arrested by the word police . The two  “l” version is more in British style , I guess .  I won’t mention how the Brits have muddied-up the lingo , that’ll have to wait for a later post , so let’s , as I am wont to say ( not quite sure what  ‘wont ‘ means , but it sounds right here ; gives the piece , I hope , gravitas )  , move along with the travel theme. Not to bully , but try to keep up . If you’ve hung in this far , then you may as well hang in there for a bit more . Why not ? Anyway , like the end of a roller coaster ride or something : too late now !

Ada and I went recently to the country of Georgia . The Poles call it another name . I’m sure the Germans and the Greeks and the Sudanese and the Kuala Limpurians and the other world’s countries have a name in their own lingos for Georgia . The people of Georgia have their own name for their home , too . It’s not Georgia . In Tiblisi , the capital , there is a very tall white stone pedestal column with a golden statue of Saint George slaying the dragon at the top . I  thought that guy was English . Shows what I know . IMG_2480.jpg


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9 responses to “travelling

  1. Far be it from me to ever point out what I think is a spelling error. Ver far be it, since I probably wouldn’t notice it. By the way, I love over the wing shots 🙂

  2. I love to go a-travailing
    Along the mountain track
    And as I go, I love to sing
    My knapsack on my back
    Val-deri, val-dera
    Val-deri, val-dera,
    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha
    Ha Val-dera
    My knapsack on my back

    • Old Marine hymn ? Oh , no , National Guard .

      • The song, The Happy Wanderer, is not so old. WWII war orphans. Ed Sullivan, 64? But travel derives from travail, a three stake instrument of torture. To travel is to travail, as to wander is to wonder. To be blown by the wind. In writing, it’s known as “where’s he going with this.”

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