hotel room

Ada and Aleksandra and I spent a few days in Kutaisi , Georgia , and then went to Tblisi . We made reservations to stay a couple more nights at the same hotel in Kutaisi and Zully , the owner , promised us the same room when we would return.

We were given , not the same room , but an almost identical one next to it . Both rooms are right near the reception desk and the lounge area .

I went out for a few items at the store and to take a little walk around the neighborhood. When I got back I put the bag of groceries down near the outside door of ( which I thought was ) our room. I noticed a certain look from George , the young hotel manager sitting at the desk . It was one of those moments in life when I don’t pick up on the meaning , on what’s going on , just at that moment in time . Sometimes it’s years before the light bulb goes on , before the other shoe drops , when it all suddenly becomes crystal clear, whatever it is , that probably should have been clear as day right there , way back when , on the spot , but isn’t ( wasn’t )   in my slow-motion mind .

Then, after dropping the bag of groceries outside the door ,  I walked into the lounge area to say hello to Zully’s dad , who was around , and to George . The man who evidently boards in the hotel  was there too , he as always , tapping on his computer and with his back to the rest of us in the room . I sat there on the big leather sofa about ten minutes or so , and now it was time to get back into the room .

I knocked , a light knock to let the girls know I was back . No answer . I knocked again a little harder. Again , no answer. Harder . George was watching from his desk ; a calm noncommittal expression on his face . I pounded , then , a couple of  forceful pounds . Maybe they had both fallen asleep ? Gone out for some reason ?

” They’ve got to be in there ! ” I said to George .

” But that’s not your room , ” he responded politely .  And only then did I remember and realize that we had been switched to the room next door . Someone unseen in the lounge area asked a question in Georgian and George in Georgian answered . There was  laughter from the unseen parts of the lounge and George could not supress a smile . Even the computer man , I think , probably got a chuckle out of my actions .

Ada thinks that I’m quickly going senile . Actually , I just don’t pay enough attention sometimes to some of life’s many details . It was Zully’s promise of the same room upon our return to Kutaisi , and it was the sense memory I’d developed of going to the old room that had me temporarily flummoxed and bamboozled . That’s my excuse .KutaisiTblisi 2016 538

Two things :  One . It’s funny how I suddenly understood Georgian perfectly well — understood the unseen asker’s question and clearly understood the answer .    And Two . It’s nice to spread a little joy in life .



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  1. I can see myself doing that. I guess you’re lucky they weren’t in the room 🙂

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