on beer

My blogger pal over at No Facilities has regular features , one of which is  If We Were having A Beer . I don’t have regular features on my silly blog . Sometimes I wish I did , eg. Wordless Wednesday , Thursday Doors ( Norm’s idea ) .

What about ‘Pharmaceutical Friday’ , where we could sit around like a bunch of old fogies and discuss our various medications and ailments and , maybe, share medical advice and/or medications . No ? Maybe not . Okay , what about generalizing that to Fogies Friday ? No . Too soon for you ?  Okay , Trump Tuesday ? We’d all discuss the Trump family . We’d all know more than we ever wanted to know in a couple of weeks , I’m pretty sure .

I’m running out of regular feature ideas . You see now why I haven’t instituted some regularity on my blog . Just too scatterbrained .

Anyway .  Dan at No Facilities has a feature If We Were Having A Beer . He continually mentions a beer called Yeungling . I tasted it once when I was in Connecticut . Maybe it’s exclusively a CT  beer . I’ve never seen it in California at any rate . That’s for sure . Or anywhere else .KutaisiTblisi 2016 1172

I was tasting beers from Georgia last week . Not our Georgia . The other Georgia . You know  . Used to be USSR Georgia . I can tell you a thing or two about their beers . Argo is good , black or white . Stay away from Hertzog . In my opinion , the best tasting one is Natakhtari .KutaisiTblisi 2016 218

KutaisiTblisi 2016 1173

But don’t go to Georgia for the beer would be my advice . Their wine is great . I’m not a wine guy , though . And I’m not a beer expert ; just a beer drinker . And I know that there are plenty of other Georgian beers . I didn’t see them while I was over there . There is a rating list of them on the internet . Everthing’s on the internet. There are numerous beer blogs on the internet . I used to follow one : This Is Why I’m Drunk . It was a good blog , but  eventually seemed way too intense for me and way more than I need to know about beers  . KutaisiTblisi 2016 554

Point of this buildup of mine being , I suppose , that maybe I’ll jump in and plagiarize the other Dan’s blog feature ; but mine might start  , not by ordering a Yeungling , but with ordering a Natakhtari . If I kept this as a regular blog feature , by the next time I go to Georgia ( theirs , not ours ) I would most likely be able to pronounce the name Natakhtari , to remember the syllables in order , and thus to have the future ability to roll it off my tongue instead of stumbling over the name as I always did in Georgia even while trying to read it from a menu . If the menu had the name translated from the Georgian script , that is . Otherwise , good luck .

Teach me how to say  “On tap please ” in Georgian , and give me the ability to pronounce Natakhtari correctly , and all will be right in the world . I’m a man of simple pleasures .KutaisiTblisi 2016 706



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6 responses to “on beer

  1. Beer – “as sweet and clear
    As moonlight through the pines”

  2. Yuengling is a Pennsylvania beer. Oldest operating brewery in the US. I don’t get anything for saying that. They’re expanding slowly. Haven’t made it to Iowa yet. They have s brewery in Florida so maybe you can get it in our Georgia. I’m a pretty simple beer drinker. I like middle of the road lagers. If we were having a beer, if hope it was somewhere where we could play pool. I haven’t played in years. Thanks for mentioning my place.

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