Dropped my camera in a bucket of water two days ago . Might as well admit that right up front .

I had it hooked on my belt .  When I went to use the toilet I loosened my belt and heard the splash . You see, we were over on our friend Jurek’s island — no electricity , no plumbing . He has put in a nice outhouse toilet set -up , and to flush ( no running water ) the bucket full of water is ready and waiting .

Damn camera saw that water and decided to take a quick swim . Clean water ; don’t get the wrong idea ; but , cameras , as far as I know , aren’t generally very good swimmers and ought , in my opinion , to stay away from water . This one wanted to take a quick dip and it took the dive before I knew what was happening .

So I went out today to scout out the price of cameras in Poland . I found a good  one , twenty pixels , 5X telescopic lens . Price was good at the second shop I found .

But , somehow , I had a vague notion that my old camera would dry out and recover . Dreaming . Wishful thinking . But sometimes wishes come through . When I got home from the electronics shops I recharged the camera battery again , shoved it back into the camera , and hit the ‘on’ button . Again .KutaisiTblisi 2016 1003

It worked . I figured I had just saved about ninety bucks for the camera I had planned on buying . The old camera fired up ; the lens extended . All was well .

I swear these electronic devices do it on purpose , just to taunt me . Yeah , I take it personally , but it bothers me less and less . They want me to blow a fuse — pardon the pun , if it is a pun . They do it on purpose to irritate me . The more irritated I get , the happier they are . It’s a peculiar type of aggression , electronics aggression .

I can deal with it pretty well these days , though . I know their game . The trick is to wait them out , reveal no frustration , know that they sometimes like to play dead . They have to do it , perhaps . Probably it’s hardwired into their cold hard little souls , this need to taunt humans . I know it can’t be just me they do it to !

So , the camera gave up the taunting treachery pretty quickly ; saw that I would’t be too bent out of shape with it’s sudden shenanigans.  There was no fun in that for the devious device  and it decided to give up the game .Robert in Szcz. 2015 072

I don’t know anything about electronics , but I can outsmart a camera , at least ,  beat it at its own game . It’s not rocket science . Their brains are tiny .

Ah , we’re probably losing the battle with the electronic world , we humans , from what I see , but if we  finally surrender , it won’t be because of me . I’ll continue to resist , and I’m stubborn .

I hope my flickering -screen laptop is listening ! Are you listening ? You can’t win , buddy !clocks 012


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6 responses to “camera

  1. I’ve heard to dry out electronics, put it in a bowl of rice. Your camera didn’t even require THAT! You got off cheap, eh? (Frankly, I can’t outsmart even a camera! haha)

  2. Good thing it aimed for the bucket. the other container could have cost you that $90…unless…eew

  3. ” Resistance is futile.” Quote from a Star Trek movie, not sure which one, but true.

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