guardian angels

I had a guardian angel , of course . We all did ; the nuns said so .  The nuns told us to leave a space beside us in the church pew for our guardian angel . Mine was a cool enough angel , I guess .  I always tried to leave plenty of room next to me . Angels should be comfortable ODDs and ENDs Poland 2015 009

Well , now that I think about it , I’m suddenly not sure if we all had guardian angels or not. Maybe it’s just a Roman Catholic sort of a thing . I don’t know about the Orthodox Catholics . I suspect that the various Protestant church members have guardian angels , too , but I’m just guessing .

Sometimes I realize that the extent of what I don’t know is staggering .

Okay , and what about Jews and Hindoos and Buddists and Muslims , etc . How about atheists ? Do atheists have guardian angels , even though they may not believe in them ?

You may be thinking that these are questions that don’t matter much one way to another . You might be right about that , but what if you’re wrong ?

To my story , however .KutaisiTblisi 2016 448

I was in the country of Georgia recently and I was in the mountains jumping into a rushing river . I shouldn’t be jumping into a rushing river at my age out in the boondocks away from English speaking people in a far -off spot in a far-off country . Nevertheless , there I was .

I was standing on a smooth rock , ready to push off with my size 15 feet a foot or two away from the edge and go feet first into the water . The owner of the hotel where we were staying , who was our tour guide for the day , had just jumped . It looked easy . He was down there in the water coaxing me to jump in  . He’s no spring chicken either , by the way . It seemed like no big challenge at the moment , and I jumped .

The smooth rock under my feet was wet , though , and as I jumped one of my feet slipped . I should have gone in perpendicular to the water , but I didn’t . My head hung back a bit as my body tilted , the back of my skull aiming for that hard rock . I waited for a distinct cracking noise . Various thoughts rushed through my head , none of them particularly comforting .

And then that loyal guardian angel of old showed up , unannounced , and miraculously saved my bacon . That nun was right , you know , admonishing us kids about leaving a little room for our guardian angels . Now that diligent and grateful angel returned the favor , when I was in desperate need , and here I am to tell the tale .

Or , maybe I was just lucky . As my friend Bill likes to say : It’s always better to be lucky than to be smart or talented .

The problem ain’t that there is too many fools, but that the lightning ain’t distributed right . —-Mark TwainKutaisiTblisi 2016 451


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16 responses to “guardian angels

  1. I’m willing to bet that you’ve given your guardian angel a real workout, Dan. He was probably planning to retire soon.

  2. “Who, if I cried out, would hear me among the angels’
    hierarchies? and even if one of them suddenly
    pressed me against his heart, I would perish
    in the embrace of his stronger existence.”
    Rilke 1st of Duino Elegies

  3. Yikes! A beautiful spot but I can see how a guardian angel might come in handy. Glad you lived to tell about it!

  4. The Russian Orthodox church also thinks that we all have a guardian angel. When leaving the house, many Russians say, ‘Ангел мой, пойдем со мной, ты впереди, а я – за тобой’. That means that we don’t want our angel to stay at home while we are away, so we call him to go with us.

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