times , news , truth and taco trucks

I’ve been reading a little , skimming over what’s happening in the world.Poland 8 2016 coconut oil and kids 040

In downtown Los Angeles , the finishing touches are being completed on the tippy-top of the now highest building in the western United States , at Figueroa and Wilshire . There were photos in the Times of ironworkers up there at the top , waiting to bolt the spire on . Not my kind of work !

The old building codes were modified so that there is no longer a requirement to have a helicopter pad at the top . No more need for flat roofs on L.A. high-rises . A whole new architecture is ready to happen in Los Angeles , according to the Times . 

The Chinese are building in downtown , L.A. , too . Huge projects . They have loads of cash in China , these days , it seems , and the Chinese government may have its eyes on getting more of it , so the Chinese come to America to invest in real estate . Downtown L.A. will , no doubt , soon look like Shanghai : tall beautiful , modern , mostly empty , buildings ! Wow ! I can hardly wait ! The Chinese bought a bankrupt golf course in Malibu recently , also . They paid the billion-dollar price in cash . If I had billions of dollars I might do the same thing , I suppose .

   Also , Boeing Corporation has a multi-billion dollar contract with the U.S. government to build a missile defense system . According the the Times , we’re worried about an attack from North Korea and/or Iran . The Boeing executives have  “earned”  over a billion dollars in bonus money so far even though the system doesn’t work worth beans . In tests , it managed to destroy 6 out of 11 targets after years of development . The targets’ timing and trajectories were known , too , unlike in the case of  an actual attack situation . Nevertheless…………

Of course , I don’t believe anything the  “lame- stream media ” says . It’s all , evidently , controlled by the evil government , meaning , of course , by the super -rich oligarchs who, of course ,  own the whole show . So ,  I’ll have to check the  Facebook memes and download some truth from ……… well, from whoever posts the truth on the net . Lots of people do . Or they repost the truth . I’ve seen it .

I’m not , usually , able to pick the right truth to believe in , however . Too often the truths seem to collide with each other , and there are so many of them !  But I know one of those daily posts holds the truth , the whole truth , and nothing but the truth . But , which one ? Just choose one ? I’ll give it another look .

My trouble is I’m just one of those [ fill-in-the-blanks ] who is too [ fill-in-the-blanks ] to know what the truth is . Besides , the truth is ( pardon the pun ) , in my case , similar to the notion in that movie with Jack Nicholson as an Army colonel who says: ” You can’t handle the truth ! ”    That’s me , I’m afraid .

I’m still trying to figure out that Syria situation . The whole world , NATO , the UN , Amnesty International , the US , various European countries , etc. are lying , it seems ,  just to get that oil pipeline across Syria . Or , something like that . Assad is a saint . Or an evil bastard . One or the other . If he’s a saint , then it’s a damn good lie the world is pulling off , in my opinion . Good for them !

Mother Teresa is in the news , too . Either she is an evil sadist or a saint . Well , Ada tells me she is already a saint . She helped the poor in Calcutta ; but she was a sadist who was happy that they suffered and gave the city a bad reputation . Or not .

What else ! Apple has saved billions in tax dollars by setting up a phony company office in Ireland and claiming it to be their headquarters , but which is , in reality ,  only an Irish address and a dummy office . Not that other major corporations don’t do similar things , sometimes in Luxembourg or the Netherlands or elsewhere . It’s all , so far , legal .

Well , once again , I got that info from the main stream media , so it’s suspect . Well , the truth is never reported in the main stream , corporate-owned media , I hear . ( I read that on the internet . )   Then , in that case , I can’t explain how I know it , I have to admit .

There’s the athlete who refuses to stand for the national anthem . I don’t hate him or love him . I go through an entire day , sometimes , not worrying about him one way or another . Or the other one , at the Olympics , who didn’t hold her hand over her heart during the pledge . Well , symbolic things matter , I know . But , I have to admit ( although it may be un-American ) that I’m not much of a sports fan .

I’ve got enough problems of my own , I figure . I can’t be worrying about what everyone else in the world is doing . I try to treat animals kindly , I vote , I used to write lots of opinion letters to the newspapers , and if I see something I’d like to believe that I’d say something ; but otherwise I just try to mind my own business , I guess .

I know that will make some of you passionate world-saviors apoplectic . I should be doing more , right ?  I probably should . So , you see , we agree on something !

If only I knew the truth ! Right ? Go ahead , though , call me names if it helps . I would truly like , after all , to do my bit to assist you .

There was something , too , in the “news” , about taco trucks taking over the world ,or something like that .  It seemed to be a huge story for a few minutes . It made me hungry for a good carne asada taco ,maybe with rice and beans ;  but I’m in Poland now , and it would be a good trick to find a taco truck in this city . It was hard enough finding a good burger truck .

I suppose we don’t say  “roach coach” anymore . Food trucks have gone upscale . Life moves on and some things get better . That’s the truth .



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2 responses to “times , news , truth and taco trucks

  1. I’m a fan of s good food truck but nothing upscale. Tacos would be good from a truck.

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