Yesterday afternoon there was what Ada calls a  “manifestation”  , but which I know as a demonstration here in Szczecin near the Solidarity memorial statue and the new city history museum . We walked over and I took a few snapshots .

There is a fairly new government in Poland which , as I understand it , has interfered with the Poland’s version of supreme court , has declared high court decisions mere  “opinions” and not having the force of law. The parliament is pushing through radical changes , including the firing of news media people and replacing them with people loyal to the parliament . There seems to be a re-writing of  history , new versions favoring the new government’s philosophy at the exclusion of other perspectives .

And then there is the issue of the plane crash .

On April 10 , 2010 , a plane carrying the Polish president , Jaroslaw Kaczynski , his wife , and several top Polish  leaders took off from Warsaw and headed to Smolensk, Russia , for a commemoration of the Katyn Forest massacre . The plane crashed just before it reached  the landing field and all aboard were killed .

An investigation by the Polish and the Russian governments concluded that the plane crashed due to heavy fog and pilot errors .

The new Polish government , dominated by the  ” Law and Justice ” party , does not accept that conclusion . A new investigation has been launched . They claim that the Russians sabotaged the flight , that there was a bomb aboard , and that the then Polish prime minister , Donald Tusk , failed to ensure the safety of the flight and conspired to cover up the truth .

The Law and Justice party leader is the twin brother of Jaroslaw Kaczynski . He is known to be the not-so-secret force behind the new Law and Justice government .IMG_7727


The former Polish government was , from what I hear , not much  ;  people were discouraged with politics , so most people did not turn out to vote in the election . The Law and Justice party thus won the election , and set about implementing their policies .

To be fair , I’ve talked to a couple of young Polish guys who seem to like the new government . The messing around with the courts and the media , etc. , don’t seem to scare them or worry them .

At any rate , the opposition in parliament is in such a minority , and apparently effectively irrelevant , that protests have taken to the streets .  K.O.D.  , which Ada translates as ” Committee of Defense of Democracy ” protests the un-democratic policies of the new Polish government .







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  1. It sounds as though, if there was a bomb aboard the plane, they might want to look closer to home for the suspect responsible?

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