a conversation with the cat

Dan: Why do you just sit around all day ?

Cosmo:  Wha ?

Dan: You’re just a lazy old cat , Cosmo girl .

Cosmo : That’s life .

Dan: That’s it ? That’s all you want to share .

Cosmo: We could talk about the weather . Way too hot .

Dan: And you’re wearing that black fur coat all day long .

Cosmo: Tell me about it !

Dan: I heard that you caught a mouse and ate it .

Cosmo: How’d you know ?

Dan: A little bird told me . Anyway , I was glad to hear it . That’s one of the things cats are supposed to do .

Cosmo: The woman you had watching the house wouldn’t do anything about that annoying little rodent making itself at home , chewing on the fruit , and scurrying around the place , back and forth , back and forth , so I finally had to do something about it , much to my disgust . I’m a little too old for that kind of exertion , you know .

Dan: The woman said you ate the mouse  right in front of her .

Cosmo: Yeah , I did , to kind of rub it in . Share the moment ! , I say . Why I have to do the housekeeping , I’m sure I don’t know ! She was supposed to be taking care of the house , I thought ; not me . IMG_3077

Dan: But it’s your house , too . You’ve been living here for , what , fifteen years or more , right ?

Cosmo: My house !   My house  ?   You’ve completely lost it , old boy !

Dan: You act like you’re the boss around here . You act like the Queen of Sheba , sitting around on soft  cushions all day long.

Cosmo : And running around at my age chasing mice ! In this hot weather , no less ! Besides , I’m  nocturnal . My activity happens at night .

Dan: You sleep all night too . Most nights you’re right there on the edge of the bed the entire night and you are still there asleep in the morning .

Cosmo : If you don’t mind , it’s time for my nap . Pet me a couple of times  and then please go away . cosmo in box



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16 responses to “a conversation with the cat

  1. Who says dogs have the life – cats rule the roost!

  2. I’ve had this conversation 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on No Facilities and commented:
    The conversation every cat owner has had. Dan nailed it.

  4. Good one! Cat’s are definitely like that! Wonder what a dog’s conversation would be like? Maybe Dan could write-up a Maddie and Me talking post! 💛 Elizabeth

  5. what’s that saying: dogs drool and cats rule? I know mine do! This was great.

  6. I’m kind of hoping my next life might be as a pampered, spoiled cat 🙂

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