lingo limbo

I’m sitting here this morning listening to Ada talk to her computer laptop . There is a picture of one of her good friends over in Poland  on the screen . Actually , Ada is using Skype to talk to her , which usually works pretty well , and doesn’t cost anything when both parties are on computers . The woman’s face is pictured in a round frame . She’s not moving . Maybe the camera on her computer isn’t working , or else she didn’t push the right button to show herself in real time . Her voice comes to us over those thousands of miles loud and clear . In Polish . cropped-chess-police-2015-016.jpg

I don’t speak Polish . My excuse is that , until recent years , I’ve never been over there long enough to pick up the language . In  Arcadia I seldom hear Polish spoken .

Ada chastises me from time to time for my lingo-ignorance :    ” After all these years together……………….”  I should know Polish . She’s right , in a certain way of thinking , of course .

I’m lazy , you should know  . That plays a roll . If I had any lingo -ambition I’d speak fluent Spanish by now , for example , having lived most of my life in southern California . I speak some Spanish . Only some . I should learn Spanish and then try to learn Polish .

Poles , generally , speak Russian and or English as well as their own language , and possibly some German or French and/or other languages . My niece speaks Polish , Danish , French , English , and probably Spanish and German too , and maybe Russian .  She looked at me in astonishment once , asking  ” You speak only English ? ”  Yeah.

Well , a little Spanish , too  , and  I can order a beer in German and Swedish . Does that count ? I know how to say ‘hello’  and  ‘thank you’  in Korean and Georgian and Chinese , and I can say ‘ Hello , how are you ?’ in Armenian . That must count for something . dancer-anna-pavlova

I bought a book in Poland last year called ” Learn Polish in Four Weeks “. I told the clerk at the bookstore in Szczecin that I’d be back in four weeks and have a conversation with him . He didn’t seem to understand enough English to realize that I was trying to make a joke . I think  he thought I was a bit crazy , but he sold me the book anyway .

That was last year .  I’ve been working my way through those four weeks . I think I’m about two and a half weeks into it . Weeks turn into months . They should have entitled the book , perhaps , ” Learn a Little Bit of Polish in Four Years “.

I’m searching the internet , now , for a good Polish course . I’ll give the whole thing  another try . Meanwhile , I should study my Spanish texts a little , too ,  I suppose .

I’ll head for the refrigerator , meanwhile , grab a cerveza , and think about it . What was the Polish word for ‘refrigerator’ ? It’s on the tip of my tongue .




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4 responses to “lingo limbo

  1. Someone from France recently apologized in a comment on my blog that the don’t read English well but they likd my photos. I don’t speak French st all, do I don’t know why they would apologize.

    Was it in the 80s that southern CA had its own language?

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