I was sitting in the sauna at the YMCA a few days ago . There was another guy there and we began to talk politics . Only we talked around issues and candidates , beat around the political bush , because neither of us wanted to get into a useless fiery conversation about this or about that , or about her vs. him . We discussed people we each knew who held fanatical positions in the current campaign for President . That held the arguments at arms length .civil war reenactment Moorpark 004

” Are you going to watch the debate ? ”

” Oh , yeah . ”

All of my local friends , however , begged off when I asked about the debate . Hey , are you going to watch the debate ?  Not one of them said they planned to do that . They twisted up their noses and said no .

I was looking for a TV so I could watch the thing . I was curious to see , mostly , if the moderator , Lester Holt , could get them to discuss policies instead of just continuing the purely entertainment approach that seems to have dominated the race so far .

I remember those Republican debates . I saw only a few bits of them .  Moderator : “ He called you a filthy  pig on national television . What do you have to say about that ? ”  Who cares ? Really .

I got one of my friends to agree to let me sit in front of  his TV tonight to watch the debate . He said he’d be in another room , couldn’t bring himself to watch the thing , but I was welcome to come over and watch . He didn’t want to see Trump bully Hillary Clinton , he explained .  Maybe he expected her to crumble , and he didn’t want to see it . He’s had enough of the campaign crap , I guess .

Oh , I have a couple of friends who say they’ll vote for Trump . I know another guy who supports Jill Stein and hates Hillary . He really hates her with a passion . Warmonger . Same old same old political hack . He was a burner for Bernie until Bernie dropped out and told people , I guess, to support Hillary . Now my buddy  hates Bernie , too . Well , could be , more correctly stated , my ex-buddy , because his Facebook posts label me as various things :  an idiot , a coward , etc. , and ,lately , as a “sycophant”.  Not that I take it personally , but I’ll be sure to get that checked sometime soon .

Reminds me of the guy who I met once for a couple of drinks and a few jokes at a wedding several  years ago , who I followed religiously on Facebook for years  until one day , and against my better judgement , I offered a small courteous-as-I-could comment that disagreed with his opinion , and I was forcefully reprimanded and subsequently quickly  blocked from his site. He said that he ” didn’t have to listen to someone like you ” about me , which took me aback a bit . I was wondering how he knew me enough to be so offended by someone like me , given that we’d only met that once for a few minutes . Maybe he didn’t like my jokes . I could understand that , and I might even agree with him on that point ; but I don’t really think that was what was sticking in his craw with the FB problem.   Oh , well .

Trump ?  are you kidding me ?  Every statement out of his mouth is either a lie or nonsense . He’ll make the country great , fantastic !  How ?  He’ll make great deals . We don’t want to reveal the details to the enemy , though . No , he wasn’t involved in the birther controversy . Hillary Clinton started it ; but Trump ended it . Didn’t he offer the President  a million bucks for the birth certificate , or something like that ? Isn’t there videotape to document most of his lies ? Sure . And , what about releasing his tax returns ? She’s right to say it’s his own reality .

Hillary lies , too , but do we all have to consider her lies equivalent to Trump’s , when his are so immediately provable ? And when the news media , or whomever, point out the lies , then they’re ” so mean , so horrible ” to poor meek and humble  Donald . FAIR Szczecin 2014 158

Vote for Jill Stein ! Bernie let us all down !   We live in a police state and the country is a violent war-mongering entity bound to deny human rights and to  cause trouble in the world !   .  And all the time I thought we were pure as the driven snow and perfect and saintly .  My bad !

Up on the mountain where Ada and I have our little A-frame cabin , I see plenty of Trump signs , and a few ” Hillary For Prison ” signs . Apparently lots of these folks are anti-government types who think  Trump will be  their savior .  One guy lines his driveway with orange highway cones  as if hoards of people  are dying to park in front of his garage . I don’t really get it , but it makes sense to him .

So , I went over to my friend’s place to watch the debate . His wife made chili . She gave me some and then went to another room to watch some English sitcom . They have two TVs , or more , and Ada and I gave up our TV reception a year or so ago . It’s a mess , folks. This country has become a third world country  because of these political hacks who have messed everthing up .

I’m moving to China . Trump says their political leaders are so much better than ours . Or to Mexico. Same reason .

I continued  talking to the guy in the sauna at the Y . He said he’s thrown his TV out three years ago . He said , because of that action , he isn’t bothered by the presidential campaign , of who said what about whom and all of that noise .  He wakes up these days , he said , and looks out at his flower garden , then walks his dog , then has a good breakfast before he goes to work , and he feels good about the world .

Might  be a secret Libertarian Gary Johnson supporter , I think , this guy . You never know . Trust no one .


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  1. Great post, Dan. I’m going to circle back to this next week. You’ll have to wait, but you can feel good about having inspired someone today. You can watch my TV anytime, but I only have one, and I won’t watch the debates.

    • Thanks . Thanks for the TV offer . Actually , I have a TV ; only no TV reception , so I can watch it anytime I want . It kind of just sits there .

      • I came here from Dan Antion’s post… and in an effort not to stir up more fiery political discord, let me just say (as much to that other Dan as to you, Dan H.) that the comments here remind me of that time – the one I mentioned, where I found my son perched atop the falls, contemplating a shortcut to the car – we’d camped at Lassen, in a little $20 tent, and our site happened to be next to the comfort station (convenient!) but also next to an RV pad, which was depressing because those folks brought their satellite dish and had cable TV and wireless Internet. I never knew I could feel such contempt for strangers I never laid eyes on. I hoped the bears would chew through their wiring in the middle of the night.

      • I know that feeling . Our tent was $40 , but has done well for us for a long time . Don’t you wonder why some people go camping , when they bring the TV , etc. ? To each his own , I guess ! Thanks for the comment.

      • I do! I mean, I’d just reached the point where “roughing it” meant something other than a motel without room service, or a restaurant without obsequious waiters. It was disheartening to see people who basically brought urban luxury into an otherwise unspoiled wilderness. I’ll admit, I did kind of hope the bears would get them – or at least poke a hole in their tires.

      • I don’t think that bears do that — poke holes in tires . They probably think about it , though .:)

      • Yes, true, they’re smart enough to go after the real meat – if they’re annoyed enough. I suspect they’re mostly hooked on junk food, though, and would hate to see their supply dry up.

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  3. We gave our TV away for about 5 years and then my wife suggested that we have it back. That last 2 years and it is gone again. I can’t believe that the people who run these things think that we all like the c**p that fils most of the airtime. BTW, I live in the Uk and have watched (well read) about the upcoming election. How come they don’t have a “neither of these” box on the ballot paper?

    • A voter can always leave the ballot blank . I don’t miss my TV . Good for you two . I suspect yours will return again though . It’s an addiction you may need help to kick . 🙂

      • This time it is for real. Valerie thought that she might enjoy some stuff but we found that, even with loads of channels, it was ALL rubbish so that’s it! Mind you, the annoying this is that I still watch Formula 1 car racing on my tablet and for that I have to pay the BBC £145 per annum as a licence fee!

  4. I haven’t watched anything related to the presidential election, but then, none of the news has been about it, either. Tomorrow night, while the second debate rages on, I’ll be watching an old “Columbo,” the second half of a very old episode of “The Avengers” (with Honor Blackmon, Steed’s first partner; they’re black-and-white kinescopes) and a couple old “Sherlock Holmes” episodes with Ronald Howard and H. Marion Crawford. I’m following my own advice and concentrating on every race but the presidential. I might just leave that blank, or write in “none of the above.”

  5. It’s amazing to me how the news has become focused on spectacle. It’s hard to get a thoughtful story with some factual history and analysis, and so many people end up believing thinly veiled propaganda to make decisions. I’m actually less concerned about the vileness of Trump than the fact that millions of Americans support him. Truth and basic values have to count because that is truly what will make American great again.

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