I was thirteen or so when I started my first bank account . I had a part time job then at the Town Talk Cafe , washing dishes . I made $ 1.30/hour ,  and I needed a place to stash my fortune . My pay package didn’t include stock options , however ,  or performance bonuses .[ It couldn’t , in all honesty , be counted up anywhere near  the category of the Wells Fargo CEO’s tens of millions of dollars , for example ]. Glendale Federal was my money place , a savings and loan .

There used to be items called bank books . Every deposit or withdrawal transaction got an ink stamp in the book . Eventually the bank book , similar  somehow   to a little  passport , filled up and another one was immediately provided to the customer . By the time I was sixteen I had filled up a few of those bank books .

One day I went into Glendale Savings and Loan  to withdraw from my savings account 20 of my  dollars . I had a new bank book which I handed to the teller . The teller told me to wait. She walked away from the window , wandered across the room  over to a supervisor  and the two of them  discussed the issue for a few minutes as their evil-eye gazes shot my direction  from time to time .

Then the teller returned to face me at the teller window .

” You just opened an account and you want to get twenty dollars out ? ” she asked . Her tone betrayed her derision and suspicion . Her tone said :  What  exactly  is this kid  intending to pull ?  She sounded reluctant to give me my money . My  hard -earned money .

” No , ” I said , not wishing to discuss the matter .  I was offended.  ” I don’t want to withdraw twenty dollars , ” I said .   ” I want to take all of  my money out . ”

And I did . The teller seemed a tad surprised .

Glendale Federal subsequently went out of business . I’m not suggesting that the reason for their failure was the unexpected sudden loss of my $ 254. 35 , though . The timing ,  more likely , was  just a coincidence . As far as I know .


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5 responses to “banking

  1. Good for you! That’ll learn ’em. I remember those days, and those tellers who considered the money in your account to belong to the bank. Go Little Dan!

  2. Face it, Dan, you destroyed them!! 🙂

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