I don’t usually post anything political . I did comment on the presidential debate . I forget , now , whether it was the first debate or the second debate . Well , it must have been the first one , because I watched the second one with the machinist who lives across the road up on the mountain .  I wasn’t sure if he is a Trumpista or not . I suspect that he is , but I didn’t want to broach the subject . Just in case .gas-maked-children

I watched the third debate at a friend’s house . His wife had chili and cornbread for me . I didn’t ask if she had made the cornbread from scratch or from some kind of a mix . At least , after ninety minutes , I got something out of the evening : the chili and cornbread were tasty .gas-mask-girls

I gave up politics years ago . In seventh grade I was campaign manager for my friend Monty who as running for class President . Another friend of mine was running against Monty . They were both class heroes . They were both star athletes ,both  handsome , both vibrant , both well-liked .  Monty lived a few blocks from me , and we hung out together after school sometimes , so  I volunteered to be his campaign manager . gas-masks-and-donkey

I should have stayed out of the dirty business of politics . I was in over my head . Monty , in the end , got only one vote ( mine ) , and the other guy got all of the other votes . All of them .

I was embarrassed at the time , as I recall , because it looked as if  Monty had voted of himself . I felt bad for him , not only  for badly  losing the election , but for appearing to have voted for himself and that being the only vote .dancers-at-beach

I checked with Monty decades later . He , by then , was running a successful computer software firm in Silicon Valley . He had a big home in the upscale city of Saratoga , was raising a family , and had , apparently , moved beyond  that  seventh grade election .

I spilled my guts out to him about my perception of the one vote all those many years ago . I apologized , way  late in the game , for running his campaign into the ground .  Monty said that he didn’t remember it that way at all ; that he at that time had felt bad for me . I had made an effort to get him elected , after all , and I had fallen flat on my seventh grade face . He was embarrassed for me , he told me , just as I had always been embarrassed for him .old-panther-piss-whiskey

Life goes on , though , and we both went our separate ways .

I wasn’t , in truth , waiting for Hillary or Donald to contact me for election advice , but  I would have been willing to give politics another whirl  . I could’ve designed some signs , some strategies .  Most likely it would be a conflict of interest , but I’d have been willing to work for both of them , to do my best for their campaigns .  I would’ve given it my best shot .

Would’ve been better for the country , I suspect .


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21 responses to “politickle

  1. Barbara Martini

    So, Danny, who DID win that election?

    • John McGonigle did , Barbara , and I think he made a fine class president . 🙂

      • Barbara Martini Laubacher

        Poor John. Gone too soon. He must have been a good class president as I don’t remember one single scandal.
        Glad to hear Monty is doing well. I used to see him occasionally at Santa Clara University.

      • I haven’t seen Monty in decades .He was always a great guy . John was always the life of the party .

  2. One vote? Ouch. Oh well, you both carried that quilt long enough. How did the other guy end up? I’d guess serial killer or larger scale politician.

    • He managed rental properties and then taught photography at Beverly Hill High School . He was smart enough to get out of politics at an early age , it seems .

  3. At least you got chili and cornbread out of the second debate!!

  4. chili and cornbread out of the debate is awesome, most people just got anxiety.

  5. This was a fantastic piece. Does that mean Monty voted for John too?

  6. Whoops. It wasn’t posting and I thought I did it wrong. 😂 I apologize, I’m still very new to the app. And I don’t think so, because I’d know I’d have your vote (:

  7. It sent twice, and now it’s not sending at all. Ha. But I’d know I’d win, because I’d have your vote!

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