like pulling teeth

This will be one of those weeks .  Tomorrow  , after several months of the Presidential Campaign Reality Show , which , in my opinion , wasn’t very good , we Americans finally get to have it behind us . I’ll vote tomorrow , but I know that many people have already voted . Some of those people around Los Angeles waited in lines for hours at the few early voting locations to cast their vote a few days early . Good for them ,I guess .

I’d walk over to the local middle school tomorrow to vote , but I’m going on a field trip with some of the other volunteers at the Gilb Museum of Arcadia Cultural Heritage tomorrow morning , so I plan to drive over to the polling place and then drive to the museum . Gilb Museum of Arcadia Cultural Heritage . Sounds impressive , doesn’t it !  GILB museum 034

So , what does a bus driver do on his day off ?  Yeah , the old  ‘busman’s holiday’ saying applies . He drives a car full of people here or there .   So , we museum people are visiting another museum for our field trip .

On Thursday I have an appointment with the dentist . Actually , recently he has hired a young woman who I see . That is , she takes my case . She cleans my teeth and then tries to sell me deep cleanings and other thises or thats . It irritated me at first , mostly because I fell right away for some compromised version of the deep cleaning procedure . That cost me a couple of hundred more than I had planned , and I did my homework only later and found out that this particular procedure was most likely totally unnecessary . I was a sucker for the scare tactic sales pitch . The scare tactic that she used worked on me like a charm . Oh well .dentist

So , when I get this election out of the way , and the dentist visit out of the way , I should be okay . Oh , the dentist himself makes an appearance nowadays after the cleaning . Otherwise I wouldn’t see him at all .  I suppose he comes in to say hello so that he can legitimately charge me for a ‘dentist’ visit . He used to do the work himself , and I liked him . Painless . But then he moved his office into a fancy-schmancy  building near Santa Anita Racetrack . I’m sure that the lease is astronomical , and I suppose he can’t stand around anymore cleaning teeth  and chit-chatting . He’s got a business to run !

Ada and I went to a couple of Indian casinos last week with a couple of good friends who love to gamble . They get comped rooms and meal coupons and free stuff because they spend so much time in the casinos . Sometimes Ada and I tag along with them when they offer us  a free room . I’m not a gambler by any means , and those places bore me , but I’m so cheap frugal-minded I’ll take my friends up on the free hotel room offer . I usually have a couple of beers at one of the casino bars and watch the peculiar habits of the gambling hordes while I wait for Ada and our friends to lose their money and return , or I swim in the pool when there is one .Well , they win sometimes , too ; but those casinos aren’t in business just to give out free stuff , and that pool doesn’t pay for itself . casino-005

So , it occurred to me today that life events all tie together : the election , the dentist , the gambling . There are bound to be a few winners , a winner here and there if only for the moment ,  but it’s mostly losers who roam around , but they seem to be having fun ;   and even though I almost don’t  see my dentist ,and he no longer works on my teeth ,  I still say  ” I’m going to the dentist “.  Well , okay , we won’t include the dentist when we are figuring out how life events all tie together . Maybe the dentist isn’t fitting in there very well  .

I’ll be happy when this election is finally over , though , along with some other people , I’m sure . Being bombarded with all of that nonsense for all those months was , what , difficult  , like pulling teeth . I’ll bet the election doesn’t solve the country’s problems , though . The whole place , the government , the politicians, the corporations , the people , the entire shootin’ match , might need a deep cleaning .


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2 responses to “like pulling teeth

  1. I’d pony up a few hundred if someone would do a deep cleaning in Washington. With the spray and the air and the picking at the real bits of grime and the suction so nothing escapes. That sounds like just the thing.

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