the world ; a short summary

Seems an appropriate time to reblog this one .


Last year we said : Things can’t go on like this , and they didn’t ; they got worse .—–Will Rogers

Will Rogers died in 1935 . Some things weren’t so great in 1935 , like the Great Depression , for one .  In 1859 Charlie Dickens published A Tale of Two Cities . It began something like : It was the best of times and it was the worst of times . It was a time of wisdom and a time of foolishness ……He was writing about some earlier time over across the pond . The 1860s didn’t turn out to be so easy in the USA , either , as I recall from history class .

Shootings and stabbings and ax murders have been going on in our land throughout our history . Lizzy Borden , for example , took an ax and gave her mother forty…

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4 responses to “the world ; a short summary

  1. I guess FB respect is something you and I are too far in years to understand, cause I’m in the dark too.
    I suppose Bugs Bunny was paraphrasing Rogers when he said, “Don’t take life so seriously, you’ll never get out alive!”

  2. The world–a short summary. You and Bill Bryson with his ‘Short History of Everything’. I loved that book.

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