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Well , Ada and I seem to have had no noticeable side-effects from going cold turkey on the TV reception several months ago . The Television world is going along without us , I know . Sometimes someone wants to catch us up on some interesting new sit-com or other .  We were discussing  Breaking Bad  a couple of days ago , because that’s the last TV show we’ve seen , I guess . We watched it on Netflix , one episode after another , all of them long after the episodes were originally aired . That is a hint of where we’re at .

I don’t miss  ” the news ” , either . I used to like paying attention to the news , you know  , back when  ” the news ”   had some resemblance to what was news . I suppose the definition of  ” news ”   has changed when I wasn’t looking . I should look it up in the dictionary ; check out any new denotations and connotations . If I had the right phone I might just ask the voice in the phone to tell me the answer to my quest ; but I don’t have a phone that does that . The centuries seem to come and go too quickly for me to catch up .

Sometimes , at the YMCA , when I am walking the plank , doing the hamster routine on that tread mill as I  constantly  adjust the speed and the incline slope , I try to get that built-in TV screen to work . Sometimes it does . I follow my old TV -addiction days routine of checking in with the news shows , switching back and forth in hopeless pursuit of gaining some kind of balanced information concerning what’s happening in the world .

The local news shows have their people standing as they report the latest cute little puppy  adoption and the like between rundowns on sports games and weather .

The cable news shows all seem to have a banner across the screen saying something to the effect of  ” Breaking News ” .  It seems to me that their news organizations , if indeed they exist ,  may have actually had a tiny little  bit of news a day or two ago , and  now , as I watch ,   the umpteenth   ‘panel of experts’ is assembled to discuss the item and to tell us what to think about the already -old scrap of information that they somehow managed to find .  Are   those so-called pundits, the  professional talkers , paid by the word ?  Those folks can beat a dead horse with the best of them , and enthusiastically spin some minor bit of information so out of proportion over a day or two or three that my head spins . Well , to be honest ,  I am only on that moving conveyor belt exercise machine for a few minutes , so my head doesn’t spin all that much . Poland 9 2016 july 2 115

These  “news” shows , of course , are all corporate-owned businesses . Their formula programming has been effective ,  so far , I assume . Have you paid attention to what the used-to-be-called  ‘talking-heads’ make in salary  ?   Let’s just say , as my friend Tom used to say , ” More than you or me makes in a month ! ”  Just a few million more , perhaps ; but ,  after all , what’s a few million among friends !  It bothers no one that some of these corporate decisions are executed by a billionaire who’s not even an American ?  As my friend Nancy would say : ” Just saying ! ” Corporations may legally be citizens , but they’re not loyal citizens by any stretch of the imagination .

So , nowadays I turn to the internet for my news . Wow . I will need to bone-up again on the nature and practice of propaganda .  I know it when I see it , I think , but I’d like to explain the ins and outs of it to others from time to time so that I can retain the belief that there is some sense left in the world and that fact-based rationality still exists.

Propaganda in our new news .caricature of man covered in demons

I have to go now . The weather girl is explaining the weather for the next few days around the LA basin , showing her legs and the weather map . It’s going to be much of the same , with a slight chance of rain on Thursday . She didn’t say which Thursday . And a sweaty guy in boxing shorts is waiting for me to finish my routine on this treadmill so that he can wipe it down with a disinfectant towelette  before he starts his run . That’s a good idea , too ,  because there’s lots of spoilation spreading  around these days . I know that because  someone re-posted an article about that  on the internet .



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5 responses to “no news

  1. These days, 90% of the “news” is drug side-effect warnings…

  2. “Those folks can beat a dead horse with the best of them” – that is such s great expression, Dan it’s also, sadly, so very true. It’s not news. Not since Walter retired.

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