let’s talk Turkey

I was reading a post by fellow blogger Jacqui Murray , over on a writer blog I follow , Wordreams  ,  about the use of the word turkey .  There was a survey asking what use of the word comes to mind when I hear the word turkey .

Are you listening , turkey ? ( just kidding ).

I checked off my choices . Turkey , the bird , of course . A few other meanings . I know the country of Turkey , never been there , but it comes up in world events , I think . Something about a refugee crisis , an attempted coup in July of this year , gorgeous beaches , shooting down a Russian military jet ,  Erdogan , …………

I never think the country Turkey when I hear the word turkey . That’s probably a good thing , but it strikes me as a funny little mental quirk nevertheless . Some thoughts began rambling around chaotically in my tiny brain when I was struck by this thought .

Three charter schools in the LA area  recently had their licenses pulled by the school board for reasons that seemed to me to be somewhat murky . Seems the schools hired immigrant Turks , one after another , to teach and to work around the campuses . The schools paid their immigration fees and helped them get green cards , or whatever . There must have been some political pressure from the feds behind the scenes , I assume , since  the Turkish government is putting pressure on America to extradite some old man named Fethulla Gulen who lives out in the woods somewhere in Pennsylvania whom they blame for the attempted coup back home , and the three LA schools are possibly tied somehow philosophically to this old guy in the Pennsylvania woods  . The school board and the feds probably want the potential international  problem to just go away .

The schools do extremely well academically , by the way . I should say : Did extremely well .

I met three Turks in Szczecin, Poland , this summer. They were musicians . They performed in a little hole-in-the-wall neighborhood art-house club . They weren’t ready for Carnegie Hall , if you ask me , but they had energy and enthusiasm and played up a storm . I don’t know how to describe the music . Original , maybe . Two guitars and a wooden box .

They spoke English to the Polish audience , some of it political chatter , and some audience members spoke back , not realizing that there was a covert American spy in their midst . My cover was not blown until the owner of the venue , who had invited me to the event , asked me how I had liked the music  . I’ve always been tongue-tied under pressure , so I’m used to the condition , and , besides , there are times in life  when one should just keep his/her mouth shut .

At any rate , Thanksgiving is rapidly upon us . I always liked Thanksgiving . Now it’s merged with Christmas though , I think . The local Ralph’s Market is displaying ( outrageously ugly ) plaster Santas for sale already , and Christmas cookies , etc.  That’s  not the only store around here hawking Christmas stuff already . Every year Christmas shopping is pushed up earlier and earlier . Whatever happened the the so-called  ‘ War on Christmas ‘ ?  Was there some treaty signed ?  I didn’t hear about any cease- fire declared . I guess I just don’t pay enough attention .

Do they celebrate Christmas in Turkey ? Do they eat turkey at Christmas dinner ?  ( I know ; I can feel it ; you’re going to tell me : ” Only when they get Hungary ” ) . I think it’s safe to say , anyhow , that they don’t celebrate our Thanksgiving over in Istanbul . Certainly not these days . Maybe they have a Turkey Day , however .

Some people I know went to Turkey recently . My mother went to Turkey several years ago  . Friends of ours rented a house on the beach there and had a wonderful vacation . Someone we met recommended Turkish Airlines to us for European travel . All I know about Turkey is that my bag once went to Ankara even though I was going to London . The little bugger  never revealed to me its experience while there . I met it again ten days later at Gatwick and we flew back to Berlin together in awkward silence .


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  1. That bag may have done things it’s not particularly proud of. We should never speak of this.

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