I know ; I know . Thanksgiving is gone for this year and it’s already Christmas . Christmas . Christmas season ?  Our kitchen radio classical station was already playing Christmas carols as I was washing  some of the Thanksgiving platters and plates .

We have a dishwasher , of course ; but Ada likes to collect fancy dishes for holiday use that can’t go into the dishwasher . Some of them have a circle of gold paint on them that , evidently , flakes off in the machine’s cycles. Some of the glassware gets cloudy in the machine . So , to make a longer story shorter , Dan becomes the dishwasher . It’s the least I can do to contribute to the effort , given that Ada has worked all day to prepare the food and set the table , and has been , as Marion Kirby used to be referred to  iTopper : ” The hostess with the mostest ! “

A friend of mine posted on Facebook recently something about  ‘the war on Christmas’ , how we’re not allowed to say  ” Merry Christmas ” any more . This guy meant to be posting something else , I guess , meant to be making another point altogether about Black Friday , he said later . I replied “idiotic”  to his War on Christmas post.  Kind of short and curt , I know ; but sometimes the garbage piles up too high . I felt that the post was not his style , anyway , and I expect much more from him .

Sometimes people watch too much Fox-and-Friends and Hannity , and begin to gargle that stuff as if it just might be Champagne . It’s not Champagne , though . It sells fabulously  , though . I’ll give it that much . Sells big time ! reindeer ( SA-kuva archive )

I’ve seen some discussion recently , too , about fake news on the internet . Did the Russians plant fake news stories before the election ?  Are Americans taken in by fake news , or , how much are they taken in by it ?  That’s the kind of stuff ; but I haven’t really read much of it or thought too much about the issue .

Alls I know is that the daughter of an old friend of mine passes along one outrageously fake new story after another . I think that she , if she indeed even reads the stories , believes them . Is the Clinton Foundation , for example , really being indicted for it’s scheme of trafficking in child prostitutes ?   Is Obama really planning an overthrow of the government and a 4th term financed by George Soros ?  Maybe she just reads the outrageous headlines , though , and leaves it at that . When I say  “leaves it” I mean leaves all of her common sense and sanity . Leaves it at the door and walks on in .

I used to try to teach critical thinking to my students . It may have been a little bit of a ‘ do as I say and not as I do ‘ approach ; but I gave it a shot . Much of the so-called thinking that I seem to see these days , however , is merely re-statement of some pre-judged opinion expressed by someone else . For several years now , the so-called “news” shows , too ,  like to tell us what to think .baker cartoon

So , how come Christmas began already ? I know , the retailers need to make a good showing this year . I won’t even mention “Black Friday” . I went to the Walgreen store around the corner Friday and bought  1) a battery for my doorbell , and  2) a battery for my electronic car key . Now friends can expect to get a response when they push the button next to my front door . I’m sure they will be gratified , after getting no response for the last few years , and  if it’s a solicitor at the door  I can slip out the back of the house  as I automatically unlock my car . I’ll be  all ready to jump into the driver’s seat and ride off .

I could go to the mall and have a talk with Santa . Is the economy so bad that the Jolly Old Elf has to work so much  longer every year , and no doubt for the same pay ?  Or , maybe  he’s spending a little moonlighting time scouting the southern California real estate market in hope of finding  a cozy place to land when the polar ice caps finally melt .

Happy Holidays , everyone !

And to my Danish friend , Ivan , hope to see you next Tanksgivenz !  Thanks for the fairy tale book . It might become  a new American history text . Let’s see how tings go .


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6 responses to “tanksgivenz

  1. You’re lucky. I went to buy my mother a Thanksgiving card last Sunday, and our Walgreens already had them put away.

  2. I don’t have much shopping to do these days, but back when I had a lot – I learned from my mother to do it gradually over the passing year. Then come Thanksgiving, all I bought came out of the closet to wrap – and I’d try to remember what i bought for who?!!?!! 🙂

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