I was talking to a woman today , a southern  Cal born-and-bred woman ,  who told me that she’s never seen snow falling . I was telling her about yesterday , when Ada and I were up on the mountain watching the snow fall . We were warm and cozy in our little A-frame cabin , with the fire warming the place up .cabin-snow-shant-and-monique-mar-2016-018

I had a chance , the first chance  this year , to wear my snow boots . My size 13s have somehow long ago become size 15s , so those snow boots look a little Frankensteinish  ; but , hey , it is what it is ! They keep my footsies warm and dry .

Some people up on the mountain wear clamp-ons , snow cleats that strap somehow onto your shoes . I have my eyes on a pair of those in my future . An old frail-looking woman  walked by through the snow near the cabin wearing a pair of  clamp-ons. If she can do it I can do it , I say . Seems practical .

Friends of ours will go up to our little cabin on their own during the Christmas season for a few days . They have snowshoes , which they have hanging in their garage in Pasadena . No one needs snowshoes in Pasadena . There was some excitement expressed about having a chance to use the snowshoes this winter . I can understand that . My guess is , though , that they’ll try using  the snowshoes once and then they’ll decide to sell them or to give them to charity ; but who knows ! Or , they could donate them to me and I could hide them somewhere in the garage . Those snowshoes could join all the other unused stuff in there and wait along with everything else for that fine day when they’ll be dusted off , reintroduced to sunlight , and put in the garage sale . Someone else  will have a chance to put them in their garage  . We southern Californians don’t use our garages for cars , as you might already know . Too much stuff in them to park a car .

One of my cousins has the cabin next to ours . I was splitting wood for her a few weeks ago on a neighbor’s machine . It’s vital to have enough wood to burn to keep the place warm during a snow storm . Sit inside a warm room looking out the window at the cold . That’s the life ! Sharing some conversation with friends and loved ones  while doing that is even better .cabin-sally-and-snow-jan-2016-028


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4 responses to “snow

  1. Snow in California. What will they think of next? I guess I’ve always known that it happens, but it’s good to hear about it first-hand. I’d advise against the clamp-ons. Unless you get really expensive ones, they’re like socks, 8-10, 11-13 and they never fit the upper ends of the range. Worse yet, they attach wth elastic stuff and, when they don’t fit, you end up with sharp metal things being flung around by elastic stuff, while you’re standing on one foot.

  2. susan linker

    Sounds wonderful!

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