meaning of life

I came across a blog post today entitled  The Meaning of Life .  I haven’t read it yet , but I plan to . Might as well be informed on things . I hope it’s not just a phony headline , as so many of the lead-in headlines are nowadays , provocative and enticing but meaningless , in the end , and often misleading and  sometimes horribly deceitful and insulting .

As my friend Mac would say : Just saying .

I’ve never been one to think about the meaning of life . Certainly not one to worry about any such thing . Isn’t that kind of concern more in the realm of philosophers or theologians ?   But , then , I’m an avoider  anyway , not much one for analyzing the details of anything if I can help it . I’m happy to have someone else go analyze , for example , the meaning of life , and then come back and tell me . comedy cruickshank 1791

I used to think , actually for most of my life , that I had a pretty good grip on the meaning of life , in a generic sort of a sense . I thought that I could size most people up fairly well and  I  thought that I could put things that were happening in the world in some sort of order , into some sort of sensible context , given the chaotic course of history , of course . the-hat-1961

It’s a little late in the game , I guess , but now I’m beginning to realize that I  may have been all wrong about the world . All wrong about my grasp of things .

I’m still not going to try to analyze the meaning of life as a separate notion ; but I’m realizing of late that the balance of the universe , the sense of things , seems to have escaped me lately . I suspect that I may well have been wrong in my head with the idea that I  sort of had a handle on things , so far as making sense of the world . IMG_7583

So , what is the meaning of life ? Fair question, I suppose .

I guess , first , I will definitely have to read that blog post to begin my process of analysis . Then , I suppose , I’ll have to ask the  handful of scads of know-it-alls whoms  I knows  to see what they know , what they can tell me .  Then , since I don’t Twitter , I’ll get on Facebook and read the headlines and check out all of the memes and monitor the comments , as many as I have time for . Then I’ll know what’s what . dancers-at-beach

Meanwhile , life goes on , sort of as usual . bricklayer-1928


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3 responses to “meaning of life

  1. I’ve always felt that the sane of us are locked up for safe-keeping. How can one expect a sane person to survive out here? So, my dear friend, Dan, if you are about to learn the meaning of life – I’m going to have to take you in. 🙂

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