I seldom post political stuff in my blog . Each of us has a right to our own individual opinions , observations , perspectives ,  attitudes , and beliefs . Facts are facts , though , and should be determinative . No one has a right to his/her  own facts , though , even if  the interpretation of the facts can be an issue , of course . Anyhow , here is my position on the recent election .

hint:Trump     Be warned , and bail now if you need to .

If it walks like a duck , and all of that , talks like a duck , you see , quacks like a duck , poops like a duck , (  quacks up when it flies upside down ) , etc. , then it must be a duck .  I want to be very clear and prescient here when I ask that the President-eclectic , Mr. Trump,  ( does anyone call him “the Donald” any more , or has the humor of that moniker been used up  ? )  when he says this or that ,  does he really mean this or that ? Maybe it would be more sagacious for a reasonable person to wait awhile to see if his words become that and this next time . If the words sound too crappy , anyhow , he’ll most likely deny saying them .

I’d like to say that the guy’s heart is in the right place , that he actually cares a little about anyone but himself  , but I can’t . I see commentary that he just wants to be loved . You can sure  hear that  in his speeches . He endlessly congratulates himself . He wants praise , and when he doesn’t get it he sulks and strikes out at those who don’t fawn upon him  . He’s quite good at striking out . That’s obvious . Evidently he goes so far as to block from his tweets those who have criticized him , for example . Sorry , all of you Trumpers , but your choice for President is an emotional child and a bully .

His wife gave a speech towards the end of the campaign that said , I think , that a major goal of hers as First Lady would be to make the world a kinder and gentler place , on social media at least . I suspect that she  sincerely meant what she said . The ridiculous absurd irony of the speech , however  , given the husband she’s got , I’m pretty sure escaped her . By the way , how soon will she start her project , do you think ?

I wish President Trump well . I mean  “well” in terms of doing good for the people in this country , and for the people around the world too , and well for the social and physical environment .  I don’t mean well for Trump and his billionaire  buddies’ financial portfolios and I don’t mean , necessarily , well for Trump’s pampered ego   .

It’s okay with me if the huge corporations do well , too , but not at my expense , and not at the expense of poor people in this country or poor people around the world , or at the expense of the cleanliness of the air anyone breathes , or at the expense of common sense safety in the workplace and elsewhere .  If those corporations make fortunes that mostly go into the pockets of the few super rich as they abuse the rest of us ………well…….I’m not going to cheer that . That’s not my idea of the type of economic growth that matters .

Caring about the working people , and “every American”  ?  The Donald has never , by any evidence that I’ve come across , cared about anyone but himself for all the decades of his selfish , opinionated , fussy-touchy rich man’s existence . So now , late in life , he really cares about everyone ? I have a bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell you , too , as long as you’re in the market for hucksteristic hogwash and self-delusion . hen-man-costume

Trump can finance golf courses and hotels , and put his money here and there , but he has never thought too much , obviously , about designing a foreign policy , or a comprehensive  economic policy , or any other policy . Sure, he spouts platitudes and simple -minded slogans . Some of them sound good , too , as long as you delude yourself into believing anything a proven huckster  ( lies 80% of the time ? ) says . Remember the ” draining the swamp ” promise ? Yeah . How about putting some cash down at this point on that bridge you’re going to buy from me ?

I hope mostly that his insipid bravado and the more seriously committed war hawks around him don’t get us into another useless war .  I hope that he doesn’t do that to us  while he’s also fooling around with the economic wealth of the nation, ensuring unnecessarily  that the rich can get richer ( they’ll , then , be “job creators” and will share it all  with the rest of us . It’s the old so-called “trickle down” theory of Reagan-era  “voo-doo”  economics. ( Did it work for us  then ? I don’t recall my trickling windfall showing up back then . )  I can hardly wait !Edison and Ford 1930

I think we should give the new President  a chance , though . But , you know , be well aware , mindless self -delusion won’t help anyone in the long run . Bluster and bravado from a self-absorbed narcissistic bully doesn’t improve the country .  Results matter . And facts are facts , despite what the president-elect  tweets say .

Meanwhile , you know , if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck …. and all that .

She knows there’s no success like failure 

And failure’s no success at all . 

( Love Minus Zero )

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