xmas angels , cherubim and seraphim , and all that at the mall

It’s 1:30 pm and there is still some sunlight filtering through the trees in the park . I’m not in the park . I was outside a bit earlier and it’s cold out there , too cold to be hanging around a park . Oh , I’m not in southern California . Ada and I are in Poland .

She’s out shopping and checking on her mother . I’m meeting her at 3:00 at the Pasztecik place in the city . Pastezik is a special little  treat made only in Szczecin , as I understand it . There a special machine that rolls and cooks the pasztecik like  hot dogs turning , but it’s nothing like a hot dog . Never heard of pasztecik ?  Ah , one day you’ll visit and I’ll take you to the pasztecik place . You can choose meat filling , or sour kraut , or mushroom . With the paztezik we’ll get a small plastic cup of hot borscht . You’ll love it !

I’m a southern California guy . I’m not used to the cold , but that’s not the big surprise for me . By around 4:00 pm all pretense of sunlight is gone . Some of you from the northern regions are used to this phenomenon , but not me . It takes some getting used to . Short days . Very short .

And there are other surprises here in Szczecin .

At  the malls here in the city I’ve seen angels . They are wearing the traditional angel ( stereotyped  ) garb : long white gown and white feathered wings . These ones have bright halos , too . I’m not sure all angels have halos , but all of these ones do . Now that I think of it , these must be  good angels because of the white clothes .

Ada got into a conversation with one of the angels , a pretty young woman with a collection basket . The angel  asked for donations , collected by the mall , for charity . Ada asked , I think , what charity , and the girl was somewhat uncertain . Well , the angel said , some part of the donation goes to charity , not all of it , because there a administrative costs , of course . Ada , being the expert interrogator that she is , wanted to know just how much went for administrative costs . The angel was ( as all good angels are , I assume )  honest and said that she didn’t really know . She didn’t know how much of our possible contribution would go to charity and how much might instead go directly into some mallster’s pocket .ODDs and ENDs Poland 2015 009

I assumed that the multitude of angels hovering around the mall approaching customers for donations would each get a small cut of the proceeds , too . That would be fair . This kind of angeling is a seasonal job , I’m sure , good maybe for a little pocket money . I can’t imagine it as a career  choice . Now , being a guardian angel —- that’s another story , which I won’t go into here .

I did have a few other observations about the Polish mall angels . All were young and cute and all were female . I think , if it were at the Arcadia Santa Anita Mall in California , for example , there might be a discrimination issue at play . Why not male angels ? We know there are male angels , after all : Michael , Raphael , Gabriel , etc. And why not older angels ?people in the house - statues 037

And , in America , maybe the mall angels , if there are any , would have an idea what to tell the poor suckers who they are asking to please hand over hard-earned cash .

Sure , it all goes to charity ! 100 percent ! You bet ! ”   Or they’d give out a website and tell us to look it up .

The Salvation Army people in California dress in Santa hats during Christmas season as they ring their bells and solicit donations . I don’t know how much their overhead is . American Red cross spends only 5% on overhead . You can check it all out on the internet , I’m sure .   Except maybe angel overhead . Angel overhead ? Not sure .


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6 responses to “xmas angels , cherubim and seraphim , and all that at the mall

  1. A little angel overhead is allowed, I guess. A small price to pay to have an angel over head. Sounds like a great trip. Is Poland as scenic as California?

  2. Sure it’s true, I read it on the internet… ho-ho-ho
    Have great time in Poland and stay warm !!

  3. Questioning an angel? Gutsy move there, Dan.

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